The OJVM Patching Saga – and how to solve it – Part II

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The OJVM Patching Saga – and how to solve it“:

Important Notes

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The OJVM Patching Saga – and how to solve it – Part I

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The OJVM Patching Saga – and how to solve it“:

Who’s the Product Manager for Patching?

First of all, I’m neither a patching expert nor am I the Product Manager for Patching. There’s no such role as far as I know but there are people inside Oracle who have way more clue about this topic. There’s a group …

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Patching Best Practices – 38min Video

Patch Ever asked yourself about Database Patching Best Practices?

I know that not always everything works that simple and easy. See the blog post by Pieter Van Puymbroeck from Exitas in Belgium about some findings when applying the April 2015 PSU to an Exadata or by myself about my experiences when applying the GI PSU from Jan 2015.

But this 38 min video may give you a good overview about the best and recommended techniques at first hand by Eleanor Meritt and David Price, both from the Sustaining Engineering organization that issues bug fixes, patches and patchset updates

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Grid Infrastructure PSU Jan 2015 – Am I too intolerant?

Germans are not only known for being precise and timely – but sometimes also for being too direct. Well, Roy could tell you stories … and I always honor his politeness 🙂

Enough about stereotypes. I work with a customer at the moment on their 12c upgrades. And I did recommend the most recent PSU (Patch Set Updates) for their Grid Infrastructure environments running Oracle Restart. Same of course for the database homes but this blog post will just name some findings I’ve had the other night when trying to apply the January 2015 GI PSU to my …

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Best Practices for Patching — learn more at OOW!

Although upgrade and patching are truly two very different processes, they both fall into the same general category of planned maintenance and are often associated with each other. So, it seems relevant to point out yet another important talk at OpenWorld in San Francisco:

Database Patching Best Practices II [CON7748]

  • Tuesday, Sep 30, 5:00 PM – 5:45 PM – Moscone South – 104

Building on a highly popular session from Oracle OpenWorld
2013, this session further explores ways to help you maintain
and patch your database systems most efficiently. Learn about
patch testing best practices, techniques for minimizing
downtimes, how

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