Partial Offline Backup

AutoUpgrade and the Partial Offline Backup Strategy

In our Fallback talk we promote a backup strategy for large DWHs and database which are on purpose in NOARCHIVELOG mode. But last week I learned that there is something important to know about AutoUpgrade and the Partial Offline Backup Strategy. Otherwise you may hit a

AutoUpgrade and the Partial Offline Backup Strategy

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Partial Offline Backup Strategy?

I won’t explain in all details what this is. If you’d like to read more, please find all the necessary information on my blog post from July 17, 2018:

with graphics included. In brief, you take …

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Fallback Strategy: Partial Offline Backup

Oh, I think it took us years to get rid of recommendations in MOS notes saying before this or that change you must take an offline backup. These recommendations dated back to times where not almost everybody was using RMAN for online backups. But the times have changed. Still, there are situations where the “Offline Backup” word can be mentioned. And in this blog post I will describe a Fallback Strategy: Partial Offline Backup.

Usage Scenario

This method will only protect you against failure during an upgrade.

First of all, Offline Backup sounds really brutal and old-fashioned. …

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DBUA and Read-Only Tablespaces – Things to Know – I

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Some people prefer the manual upgrade on the command line, others prefer the graphical tool Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA).

DBUA and Read-Only Tablespaces 

The DBUA offers you an option of setting your non-Oracle tablespaces read-only during the upgrade.

DBUA Read Only 1

What the option doesn’t tell you …

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