OOW2014 – Upgrade in a Multitenant Environment

On Sept 30, 2014 at Oracle OpenWorld, Joseph Errede gave his excellent talk about all the tech details in catctl.pl focusing on what happens when you upgrade a multitenant environment. The presentation is very technical explaining many of the switches of catctl.pl. If you’d like to get the slides please find them either in the Slides Download Center to the right or directly via this link: Oracle Database Upgrade in a Multitenant Environment  –Mike

How to SET TIMING ON for parallel upgrades to 12c?

Annotation: This hack is not necessary anymore since Oracle Database as TIMING ON is the standard as well as ECHO ON. Please don’t edit catupses.sql by yourself. Have you asked yourself how to get timings in an Oracle Database 12c upgrade for all statements? When you run the parallel upgrade via catctl.pl, the parallel upgrade Perl driving script in Oracle Database 12c, you may also want to get timings written in your logfile during execution. As catctl.pl does not offer an option yet the best way to achieve this is to edit the catupses.sql script in $ORACLE/rdbms/admin as this…