Where are AutoUpgrade error codes documented?

I know, I didn’t blog for a while due to seminar preparations and holidays. But as I’m going through the open comments on the blog trying to answer them, I came across a question regarding the strange UPG error codes, AutoUpgrade is printing sometimes. And of course, where are AutoUpgrade error codes documented?

The UPG errors

Once AutoUpgrade hits an error condition, it prints an error code such as UPG-1400 or UPG-1303. And often, this error code is not very meaningful. In the comments section, somebody asked where to fine more information about these …

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Web Seminar MEA – Recap, Slides, Recording and Answers

A few weeks ago, on June 29, 2020, I delivered an Upgrade Web Seminar for the MEA region. Thanks a lot if your participated. And today I’d like to share with you for this Web Seminar MEA – Recap, Slides, Recording and Answers.

Web Seminar MEA - Recap, Slides, Recording and Answers

Photo by Nathan John on Unsplash


Thanks to those who found the time to participate. I enjoyed the hour a lot. And thanks also to my colleagues from Oracle Dubai who set up the session and handled the registration and the logistics.


You can download the slides for this session as usual from the Slides

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MOS Note 1454618.1: Quick Reference to Database PSUs, CPUs, BPs and Patchsets

Sometimes my mouse arm gets tired by clicking myself through MOS notes just to download a specific PSU or BP – and as I experiment a lot with PSUs and BPs right now I clicked a lot in the past days and nights.

Usually I’d start with either MOS Note:161818.1 – then click on the release link (e.g. 12.1.0.x) in the left-most column, then into the Availability and Known Issues not (e.g. MOS Note:1683799.1 for Oracle Database and then select the most recent patch from the list of Current Recommended Patches.

Even though we all agree that you should

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Upgrade Workshops 2014 – Summary

2014 is almost over. Time for a quick review ๐Ÿ™‚

Roy and I would like to thank you for attending at our workshops throughout the globe. We’ve delivered more workshops than ever before. Most of them in Europe and Asia, but we did visit also South and Middle America, Australia and – well – the US of course.

See here the full workshop map:


We delivered in 2014:

  • 62 workshops and conferences
  • for almost 4500 attendees
    • 13x in Asia/Australia
    • ย 5x in South/Mid America
    • 15x
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Workshops 2013 – Recap and Map

2013 wasn’t a quiet year. But due to the slip of Oracle Database 12c we’ve had way less workshops than in the years before. But less workshops doesn’t mean less work. It just means different tasks such as more development work, refreshing our entire slide deck (will be uploaded tonight in a fresh new version), learning about new stuff such as Oracle Multitenant, attending at the OTN ACE Tour in Scandinavia, South and Mid America.

In tradition we’ll publish a map with markers in countries Roy and I had been in the past year. You can access …

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