Oracle Database 18.3.0 installation on premises

Oracle Database 18.3.0 installation on premisesOracle Database 18.3.0 is available on Linux since July 23, 2018. And I wanted to quickly sneak into the Oracle Database 18.3.0 installation on premises. I did blog about the Oracle 18c installation a few weeks ago but this was a plain 18.1.0. This time I install the 18.3.0 on-prem edition for Linux.

Oracle Database 18.3.0 installation on premises

Are the any differences between an 18.1.0 and the 18.3.0 installation? No, there aren’t any (at least not anything I recognized). The most important thing: you must unzip the downloaded file into your future destination directory.

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Installing Oracle Database 18c

Installing Oracle Database 18cThis blog post about Installing Oracle Database 18c applies to all Oracle 18c releases. I wrote a while ago about one very important change:

and explained that the installation is now image based. You’ll find other posts as part of my series on how to install and upgrade to Oracle Database 18c here:

Installing Oracle Database 18c

Oracle Database 18c on-premises is supposed to be generally available with the July 2018 … [ Read more ]

Deinstalling Oracle Database

Deinstalling Oracle Database is part of a blog post series where I install Oracle 18c on-premises in our Hands-On Lab and upgrade the Multitenant database as well. But in order to save space, deinstalling Oracle Database is my next task. You find all the blog posts connected to each other here:

Deinstalling Oracle Database

In the Oracle Installation documentation you’ll find this part:

The documentation lists two removal options:

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Recap on Deinstall Routines

A few weeks ago I’Ve posted something about the deinstall utility as OUI doesn’t offer a “deinstall software” option anymore:
How to deinstall “old” SW after has been applied?

And I’ve got some feedback (which is a good sign as it means that some of the content might be useful and will be read – and from the follow-up you see that we’ll read your comments and emails as well 🙂 ).

Anyway, the feedback was either CRS deinstall does not work the right way or deinstall cleans up too many things. So Roy did follow … [ Read more ]