Upcoming User Group Events in Copenhagen, Oslo and Dublin

I just returned from a wonderful but strenuous trip from Denver, San Francisco and Vancouver a day ago. And soon it is time again to pack my suitcase as there are upcoming user group events in Copenhagen, Oslo and Dublin.

Upcoming User Group Events in Copenhagen, Oslo and Dublin

Oracle Upgrade Meeting @SimCorp in Copenhagen

Upcoming User Group Events in Copenhagen and Oslo

Next week on Wednesday. March 7 – 16:30h there will be an event at SimCorp in Copenhagen, Denmark. And I will present two talks. There are just a few places left as Daniel Overby Hansen, Lead Developer at SimCorp, told me the other …

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OUGN Conference – On the boat again

OUGN Spring Conference 2016

Last year influenza took me down and out just a couple of days before my planned departure for the famous OUGN Spring Conference. But this year (so far) I’m still happy and healthy and on my way towards beautiful Oslo. I’m really looking forward to this year’s OUGN Spring Conference which will happen again on the boat departing from Oslo and sailing over to Kiel – and then returning back.

In case you plan to visit my talks and demos:

  • Thursday, 10-March-2016 – 14:00-14:45h – Parliament 1+2
    How Oracle Single Tenant will change a DBA’s life
  • Friday, 11-March-2016
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OUGN – Great Conference!!! Download the Slides

The cruise is over ๐Ÿ™‚ And what an excellent event. Congratualations to Alice, Frank,ย ร˜yvind and all the other great people from the OUGN. I had plenty of fun, met great people – and here are the slides for the two presentations I gave:

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Going to Norway for the OUGN Conference

I’m back in business after being out for almost two weeks. And tonight I will fly out to Oslo in Norway to participate in the OUGN Spring Conference 2014. It’s my first user group conference in Norway and it will be very special as it will happen on a ship. No escape ๐Ÿ™‚

And Lufthansa’s pilots did a great job in making my travel another nice Lufthansa surprise package. Due to the upcoming 3 day strike my flight to Oslo got canceled last night at 18:25h – as if Lufthansa wouldn’t know about the strike days before …

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