Oracle Upgrade

9 Upgrade and Migration Scenarios

Our doc team has put a lot of effort together with the help of my team mates and created these 9 Upgrade and Migration Scenarios as part of the official Oracle documentation.

9 Upgrade and Migration Scenarios

The idea is to cut out the most common use cases and give a quick and comprehensive overview on all necessary steps.

9 Upgrade and Migration Scenarios

These comprehensive 9 scenarios cover non-CDB and PDB/CDB as well as changing to new hardware:

  • Migrating and Converting Non-CDBs to a PDB with a Different Endian Operating System
  • Migrating Non-CDBs to New Hardware with a Different
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CSX Corporation Upgrades Databases 2x Faster With Oracle Real Application Testing

Wow – one of our reference projects went into the Yahoo Finance webpages. Carol Tagliaferri (my direct manager) worked with CSX, one of the largest US based railway companies, over a longer period together with the RAT team, and helped CSX to successfully upgrade and migrate their database landscape to Oracle Database 11.2.
Plus: We did present about CSX at Oracle Open World 2012 as this project is a perfect showcase for:

(a) an Upgrade project with many databases
(b) over a longer period of time
(c) using Real Application Testing decreasing the testing effort by factors!

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