Installing Oracle Database 18c

This blog post about Installing Oracle Database 18c applies to all Oracle 18c releases. I wrote a while ago about one very important change: Oracle Database 18c – Some Important Changes and explained that the installation is now image based. You’ll find other posts as part of my series on how to install and upgrade to Oracle Database 18c here: Deinstalling Oracle Database Installing Oracle Database 18.1.0 Patching Oracle 18.1.0 to 18.2.0 Upgrade Oracle to Oracle Database 18c on-premises Installing Oracle Database 18c Oracle Database 18c on-premises is supposed to be generally available with the July 2018 Update….

When will Oracle Database 18c be available on-prem?

When will Oracle Database 18c be available on-prem? Some of you will answer: It is available already, isn’t it? And you are right. But I don’t want to blog just a marketing message but some facts. Others may ask: When will it be generally available on-premises? When will Oracle Database 18c be available on-prem? As of today, March 20, 2018, Oracle Database 18c is available already in/for: OCI and OCI-C Database services Oracle Exadata and SuperCluster on premises Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) on premises Actually I exchange email already with customers who deployed it on their test Exadata systems….

Oracle Database 18c released for Oracle Cloud and Engineered Systems

Oracle Database 18c has been released Friday, February 16, 2018 in the Oracle Cloud and for Engineered Systems. What is new in Oracle Database 18c? Please read this comprehensive description by Dominic Giles, Master Product Manager for Oracle Database on Dominic summarizes the most important features in the areas of Multitenant, In-Memory, Sharding, Performance, High Availability, Security, Spatial/Graph and of course Developer features. You’d like to read more about New Features? In case you’d been now interested please see the New Features Guide for more details in Oracle Database 18c. Well, and there’s not only a New Features Guide…