Create Multitenant databases with DBCA – Things to Know

Create Multitenant databases with DBCA - Things to KnowWhen you create Multitenant databases with DBCA there are some Things to Know. And in Oracle Database’s Database Creation Assistant (DBCA) there is a common pitfall in the “Options” screen. It was grayed out in the previous release but when you choose to create a “custom” database you can select the options/components now.… [Read More]

New version of preupgrade.jar (build 5) is available

There’s a new and improved version of the preupgrade.jar (build 5 – May 2017) available for download from MyOracle Support:

The same note will get you access also to the most recent builds of preupgrd.sql for upgrades to Oracle Database 12.1 and utlu112i.sql for the unlikely event you’ll have to upgrade a database to Oracle… [Read More]

GIMR DB in Oracle Database 12.2

I did blog in the past already about the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository Database (GIMR DB):

Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR)database now mandatory in Oracle GI

SID and DBNAME are kept the same in Oracle Database 12.2. But there are a few changes and additions in Oracle Database

GIMR DB in its own Disk Group

During a fresh installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure you’ll have the chance to create a disk group for GIMR DB:

GIMR DB in Oracle Database 12.2

GIMR DB – Gets its own disk group in Oracle 12.2

But you can migrate GIMR DB into a separate disk group as well – just make sure the size is large enough (see below).… [Read More]

What happens to PASSWORD_VERSIONS during an upgrade to Oracle 12.2?

I did blog a day ago about ORA-1017 connection issues in Oracle Database 12.2 once you would like to use the deprecated init.ora/spfile parameter SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON=FALSE:

Having some fun with SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON and ORA-1017

But how can this change actually happen?

Let’s check how the PASSWORD_VERSIONS is set in a fresh Oracle Database database with the January 2017 Proactive Bundle Patch applied to it:

SQL> select username, password_versions from dba_users order by 1;

------------------------------ -----------------
APPQOSSYS		       10G 11G 12C
AUDSYS			       10G 11G 12C
DBSNMP			       10G 11G 12C
DIP			       10G 11G 12C
GSMCATUSER		       10G 11G 12C
GSMUSER 		       10G 11G 12C
ORACLE_OCM		       10G 11G 12C
OUTLN			       10G 11G 12C
SYS			       10G 11G 12C
SYSBACKUP		       10G 11G 12C
SYSDG			       10G 11G 12C
SYSKM			       10G 11G 12C
SYSTEM			       10G 11G 12C
WMSYS			       10G 11G 12C
XDB			       10G 11G 12C

18 rows selected.
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Oracle Database 12.2 for AIX and HP-UX is available

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on-premises for IBM AIX and HP-UX is availaibe now for download from OTN and eDelivery:



 … [Read More]

Oracle Database for Windows available

Oracle Database for MS Windows is available as of today for download.

Oracle OTN - Download Oracle Database 12.2

Download it from:

The 64bit and 32bit clients are downloadable as well – click on the “See All” link and scroll down a bit on OTN.

For future dates and other platforms please see MOS Release Schedule 742060.1 .… [Read More]

Oracle Database 12.2 – Lifetime Support Policy updated

The Oracle Lifetime Support Policy brochure for tech products has been updated now as well in order to reflect the addition and availability of Oracle Database 12.2 on-premises:

Lifetime Support Policy – Oracle technology products

Lifetime Support Policy Oracle Database

Please note that this table and the brochure never makes a distinction between patch sets and base releases.… [Read More]