Behavior Change: READ privilege for user SYSTEM in Oracle 12.2

Behavior Change: READ privilege for user SYSTEM in Oracle 12.2All credits here go to Marcel Pils from Logicalis, a German Oracle partner. Thanks Marcel! In Oracle 12.2 there’s an interesting behavior change: READ privilege for user SYSTEM in Oracle 12.2.

Some Background Information

In Oracle 12.1 the READ privilege has been introduced. Please find more information in the Oracle 12.1 Security Guide: New READ Object Privilege and READ ANY TABLE System Privilege for SELECT Operations. The idea behind the READ object and the READ ANY TABLE system privileges is that you can enable users query database tables, views, materialized views, and synonyms. But they can’t lock rows …

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Should we wait for Oracle 19?

Should we wait for Oracle 19?What a wonderful question:
“We are on Oracle right now. Should we wait for Oracle 19 because of the proposed long term support for this release?”

I have gotten this question roughly 15 times in the past week, raised either by colleagues, customers or partners via email, twitter, in web conferences or (old fashioned way) on the phone. People refer to the graph printed in MOS Note: 742060.1. And I won’t replicate it here as this graph can change anytime. And it got adjusted just a few weeks ago as the support timeline for Oracle …

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Oracle Database RU and RUR Recommendations and Facts

Oracle Database RU and RUR Recommendations and FactsWell … another post about RU and RUR patches. But after having multiple discussions personally, via web conferences, in conference calls and of course on Twitter I think some clarifications may be helpful. Below you’ll find Oracle Database RU and RUR recommendations and facts. At least some of them …

Oracle Database RU and RUR Recommendations and Facts

First of all, you will find more information in several blog posts about RU (Release Update) and RUR (Release Update Revision) patches:

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Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 is supported for Oracle Database

Finally … it took a little while but now Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 is supported for Oracle Database

Never heard of Oracle GoldeGate? Then you may look either into our slide deck and see the customer case of Amadeus. Or you may read further on OTN:

Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 is supported for Oracle Database

Roy and I received this question quite often in the past months:
When will Oracle GoldenGate be certified for use with Oracle Database

I just learned about it today via the blog post of my friend YV RaviKumar who wrote about it

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My thoughts about the new Oracle Database Release Schedule

Changes to a well-known release model mean a lot. I will give you some of my thoughts about the new Oracle Database release schedule.

My thoughts about the new Oracle Database Release Schedule

What are we changing?

In my own words we basically rename the patch sets and name them what they were since years: Full releases. This means, Oracle Database will be Oracle 18. And Oracle will be Oracle 19. And so on.

Therefore there won’t be any Oracle anymore – and obviously no Oracle 13.1 followed by Oracle 13.2.

In addition we change from Proactive Bundle Patches (BP) to Release Updates (RU)

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DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE – only available in Oracle – or not?

DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE - only available in Oracle DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE package got introduced with the April 2014 Exadata Bundle Patch. And it got introduced for all Oracle databases with the April 2017 Bundle Patch (BP). DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE is only available in Oracle

Addition March 6, 2018:
See the updated blog post about DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE available in Oracle 12.2 and 18c onwards.

For more information on this package on Exadata in Oracle you may look at:

Purpose of DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE package in Oracle

The package got introduced to enable module bug fixes which …

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Why EXCLUDE_SEED_CDB_VIEW is now an underscore in Oracle 12.2

Hiding information is not good - and exclude_seed_cdb_view is now an underscore in Oracle 12.2I have received several questions from customers in the past weeks using Oracle Multitenant about the parameter exclude_seed_cdb_view.It magically disappeared and morphed into _exclude_seed_cdb_view since Oracle Database To be fair, the exclude_seed_cdb_view is listed in the list of obsolete parameters in Oracle Database


This parameter hides everything belonging to the PDB$SEED from the usual queries. For instance you ran a query against CDB_DATA_FILES but you won’t see the data files belonging to PDB$SEED in the result set. Whether this is good or bad, at least RMAN (Recovery Manager) worked always correctly.

But I’m …

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Applying the first RU for Oracle Database

Appying the first RU for Oracle Database first RU (Release Update) for Oracle 12.2 is available on most platforms since July 18, 2017. And of course I started applying the first RU for Oracle Database as soon as it got released.


Download the RU for Linux

First of all I downloaded the Database RU Patch 26123830 for Linux from MyOracle Support. To my absolute surprise it was very small compared to previous Proactive Bundle Patches such as the April 2017 one. It has just 40 MB in size (no typo!).

Applying the first RU for Oracle Database

Download the first RU (Release Update) July 2017 for Oracle

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Issue with 2k and 4k db_block_size – ORA-1450 when upgrading to Oracle

Recently we got alerted by a customer and a colleague from Italy about an issue with the upgrade from Oracle 12.1.0.x to Oracle if – and only if – your database got created with 2k or 4k db block size.


If your database got created with 2k or 4k db block size, and you attempt an upgrade from any upgrade-supported Oracle version to Oracle Database the upgrade – regardless of DBUA or – will fail with an ORA-1450: maximum key length (1478) exceeded.


In the catupgrd0.log – regardless of using the DBUA or …

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Oracle Bundle Patch DBBP on Linux x86-64 is available [not anymore]

All credits go to Ricardo Maeda as I knew that we’ll release a Bundle Patch for Oracle sometime this week – but I couldn’t find it linked from the usual MOS notes. And please don’t ask my why that is.

Anyhow, with patch 2579308 you’ll get access to the first BP for Oracle Database There will be a first bigger Proactive Bundle Patch in July at the usual schedule – but this one is at least a start.

Plus in addition get the OPatch version via patch 6880880.

The BP contains:

First Bundle Patch

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What happens to PASSWORD_VERSIONS during an upgrade to Oracle 12.2?

I did blog a day ago about ORA-1017 connection issues in Oracle Database 12.2 once you would like to use the deprecated init.ora/spfile parameter SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON=FALSE:

But how can this change actually happen?

Let’s check how the PASSWORD_VERSIONS is set in a fresh Oracle Database database with the January 2017 Proactive Bundle Patch applied to it:

SQL> select username, password_versions from dba_users order by 1;

------------------------------ -----------------
APPQOSSYS		       10G 11G 12C
AUDSYS			       10G 11G 12C
DBSNMP			       10G 11G 12C
DIP			       10G 11G 12C
GSMCATUSER		       10G 
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Hands-On Lab available: Upgrade to Oracle Database

Thanks to Roy – our Hands-On Lab “Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12.2” is now available for download from OTN.

Instructions and technical requirements are clearly documented on the OTN page as well. The lab is based on Virtual Box and can be easily imported upon download and unzip.

You can always access the lab via the blog’s top menu as well:

HOL Link on the Upgrade Blog

Hands-On Lab – Access via the Blog

Inside the lab you’ll find :

  • UPGR – an Oracle
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