Cloning a PDB from Oracle 12.1 to Oracle 12.2

Is cloning a PDB from Oracle 12.1 to Oracle 12.2 possible?

A colleague raised this question recently. And a customer did ask me the same question a few days before at a user group conference. There are several ways to move a PDB from Oracle 12.1. to 12.2. But the documentation does not say explicitly if you can do a cloning operation between Oracle 12.1 and 12.2.[Read More]

Long time no update …

I deeply apologize for not updating the blog for some weeks now. I’m still working for Oracle, still in the same group – but due to some other things going on in preparation for Oracle Database 12c I had either no time or simply nothing to report at the moment. I didn’t want to bore you with Oracle Database 11.2 stuff as the slides don’t get changed right now.… [Read More]