OPatch … oh OPatch … why is datapatch so stubborn?

Well, it is Friday night – and I’d rather should sleep or do something cool people tend to do on Friday night’s. But I try to verify a strange issue with DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE and the October 2018 Update for Oracle I’m patching. Can you think of anything better on a Friday night than patching?

OPatch ... oh OPatch ... why is datapatch so stubborn?

Of course I know that I’m not alone. I know at least two customers I work with right now who do some maintenance jobs tonight as well. And I’m struggling with OPatch … oh OPatch … why is datapatch so stubborn?

My test setup

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DBMS_STATS. GATHER_DICTIONARY_STATS fails with ORA-20001 ORA-6502 ORA-6512 – Concurrent Stats

I really have to say “Thank you very much” to the people out there alerting me about issues I haven’t seen before. Just in the past week I’ve got to learn about three issues which are related to the upgrade – and I haven’t seen before. Please don’t expect me always to follow up with the progress of your SRs or the related bugs. But your experiences are such an important source for me – so thanks again!

The most recent issue (thanks to Bernd Tuba from MM Warburg) …


execute dbms_stats.gather_dictionary_stats

ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value 
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