OOW 2012

OOW Shanghai – Slides for the Migrate+Consolidate Talk

What a huge venue! My talk Migrate and Consolidate onto Oracle Database
was scheduled today in the BLUE HALL. I did walk around before to
see where the room is located and how big it is. Actually “room” is
the wrong word. It is more like a concert hall. But usually the problem
with such big venues is: if you have just a small number of people
showing up you feel pretty alone on the stage. I was thinking of bringing the guy on top of this blog entry with me – but that wasn’t necessary …

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OOW Shanghai – Slides for Hands-On-Lab (HOL)

Dear all,

thanks for your participation on the Hands-On-Lab for Upgrade and Plugin to Oracle Database 12c today at OOW Shanghai 2013. It was a pleasure for me to work with you and my colleagues from Oracle China. And please forgive us the slowness of the machines. When I did shutdown the VBox images after the session I realized that some noncdb_to_pdb.sql scripts were still recompiling.






You’ll be able to download the slides:

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OOW 2012:
Slides Download

Hm … you might ask yourself why there are no Oracle Database 12c slides available for download, neither in the OOW 2012 content system nor on our blog (and I believe nowhere else).

Simple reason: As long as Oracle Database 12c is not released and available we are not allowed to offer slides for download. Therefore people were simply taking pictures during the 12c sessions with their phones, iPods and cameras. Roy took a nice shot:

Sorry for that – we’ll make the content available as soon as Oracle Database 12c gets released.

In between you can download

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OOW 2012:
Kings of Leon & Pearl Jam – Appreciation Event

June 15, 1992 – that was actually the day when Pearl Jam played their first concert in Serenadenhof in my hometown, Nürnberg. Oups … that’s over 20 years ago … 😉

So I was so happy to get a ticket to this year’s OOW 2012 appreciation event on Treasure Island. Every year it amazes me over and over again how the organizers manage it logistically to bring almost 40,000 people to and back from the island. Food was … I would say fairly ok … and beer (as always) is not – actually even though I’m not a beer …

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Oracle Open World starts on Sunday, Sept 30

Oracle Open World 2012 starts on Sunday this week – and we are really looking forward to see you in one of our presentations, especially the

Database Upgrade on Steriods
Real Speed, Real Customers, Real Secrets
on Monday, Oct 1, 12:15pm in Moscone South 307
(just skip the lunch – the boxed food is not healthy at all):

Monday, Oct 1, 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM – Moscone South – 307

Database Upgrade on Steroids:
Real Speed, Real Customers, Real Secrets

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It’s Oracle Open World Time … again :-)

Oh well … Oracle Open World 2012 is not far away anymore. Just a few weeks to go. And you might plan your travel currently or read a travel guide about San Francisco while we are finishing the work for our Hands-On-Lab image plus a detailed set of instructions, finalize our presentation slides and arrange customer meetings, breakfast, lunch and dinner appointments.

I really like going to San Francisco every year at least once as it is one of my favorite US cities – but Open World prep means really a lot of work, many late night shifts and plenty …

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