Migrate your EM Cloud Control Repository into a PDB

This is a question two customers asked me one or two weeks ago. Is it allowed and supported to Migrate your EM Cloud Control Repository into a PDB? And if it is supported, how do you do it?

Is is supported?

At first, the good news, Migration your Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Repository database into a pluggable database (PDB) is fully supported. You find a section in the Cloud Control Basic Installation Guide saying:

The supported database configuration types are: pluggable database (PDB) and non-container database (non-CDB).

And you can have even …

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EM Cloud Control (or newer) OMS Repository certified with Oracle Database plus patches

The certification for Oracle Database as Repository Database underneath of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (OMS) had been revoked for a while. One reason may have been the potential removal of the SYSMAN user during a DBUA upgrade 😉 But this is just a rumor. I don’t know the exact reasons.

After checking with the certification matrix earlier today I realized:

Cloud Control Repository Database Certification Oracle

Oracle Database is certified as a repository database for Cloud Control resp. OMS.

But … with a few important restrictions (see MOS Note:1987905.112c Database has been Certified as a 12cR4 Repository with Certain Patchset

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