New AutoUpgrade Tool is available in March 2024

It has been a longer while – but the Upgrade Dev team worked very hard. And finally, the new AutoUpgrade Tool is available in March 2024. And it brings a ton of new enhancements and features. Some of them, for instance the windows services support, were awaited by you for a long time. Still, there’s much more to talk about.


Download the newest version of AutoUpgrade

As usual, you can download it from MOS Note:2485457.1 – Download AutoUpgrade. And when you check the version, you already find some of the new …

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Should you enable _fix_controls with DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE?

Today, Paul mailed me asking a question we internally discussed many times in the past weeks: Should you enable _fix_controls with DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE? And there is no easy simple answer. But I can give a recommendation based on my experience from many projects.

DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE – a quick recap

Just in case you haven’t dealt with DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE recently, here is a quick recap.

With below procedure, you can list the available potentially behavior changing optimizer fixes in the current patch bundle – and you can turn them on or off at will:

SQL> set serveroutput on;
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New parameters and features in Oracle Database 19.11.0

As usual, as soon as I apply the newest RU, I do also a quick check for New parameters and defaults in Oracle Database 19.11.0.

New parameters and features in Oracle Database 19.11.0

Photo by Roma Kaiuk on Unsplash

New Parameters in Oracle 19.11.0

Based on customer feedback, there is one really big improvement since this RU release. Not only new features but also parameter changes get listed. You will find them in the 19c New Features Guide.

In this RU you will find only 1 new parameter:

  • drcp_dedicated_opt
    The description says “Turn on/off dedicated optimization for DRCP” – and the default is “YES
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New SPFILE parameters in Oracle Database

This is the 1st posting in my series about init.ora/SPFILE parameters in Oracle Database

Oracle Database is available now in the Oracle Cloud.

And this is the list of 46 new init.ora/spfile parameters compared to Oracle Database – including the links (where possible) to the Oracle Database 12.2 Reference documentation.




allow_global_dblinks LDAP lookup for DBLINKS
allow_group_access_to_sga Allow read access for SGA
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Just learned something new I couldn’t find actually in the doc at the first glance:

There’s a new init.ora parameter introduced in Oracle Database named:

By default it is set to FALSE and the parameter got introduced because not only the external use of Oracle GoldenGate requires a valid license but also the use of the internal APIs. For example, XStream provides high performance APIs that enable client
applications to receive and send real-time data changes from an Oracle
database. Other APIs were added for encryption support, trigger
suppression, etc. None of these APIs are licensed with

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