New Version

A new version (June 2019) of the AutoUpgrade is available for download

My team mates worked very hard – and many customers did the same. Thanks for all your feedbacks. We tried to help and assist everybody where possible. And here it is. A new version (June 2019) of the AutoUpgrade is available for download.

A new version of the AutoUpgrade is available for download

Download the new AutoUpgrade

Please download the newest version 20190620 of the AutoUpograde from:

and replace your current version with the new one (20190620..

The new version has 51 additional fixes. At the end of MOS Note: you’ll find a list of bugs fixed on X64_190620 update file.


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Improved preupgrade.jar for Oracle 12.2 and 18c

My team mates are really quick. We received an information early this week about a missing or wrong DV check in the preupgrade – and they implemented it within a day or so. The September 2018 version of the improved preupgrade.jar for Oracle 12.2 and 18c is available for download.

Improved preupgrade.jar for Oracle 12.2 and 18c

What’s new in this version:

  • It adds a recycle bin check when the autofixup for dictionary statistics is run
  • And it updates DV_AUDIT_CLEANUP  to

Improved preupgrade.jar for Oracle 12.2 and 18c

Please find the new September versions of:

  • Oracle preupgrade.jar – build 17
    • There’s issue with “creating directories”
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New PREUPGRD.SQL is available – Upgrade 12c – Apr16

It’s time for a new and improved version of our team’s preupgrd.sql (comes with the preupgrade package utluppkg.sql).

The April 2016 preupgrd.sql 

Please always download and use the most recent version from:

as this version is 3 years newer than the one you’ll get with a fresh install of Oracle Database

preupgrd.sql - April 2016 - MOS Note:884522.1

Included in the April 2016 PSU and BP as well

Great news – and very important. Once you apply the most recent April 2016 PSU or BP (recommended – please see here: April 2016 PSU/BP

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ORAchk with new checks + Restart support


Never used or heard about ORAchk? Then it’s time to give it a try! 

ORAchk has now be released. ORAchk has so many great features, especially more than 50 new health checks, OL7 Support – and is now aware of Oracle Restart environments.

New features include:

  • Linux on System Z (RHEL 6, RHEL 7, SuSE 12)
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 7
  • Single Instance ASM Checks
  • Upgrade Validation checks for
  • Enhanced Golden Gate Checks
  • Enterprise Manager Agent Checks
  • Enhanced Reporting to highlight checks that ORAchk cannot gain
    full visibility for
    (checks that require manual validation)
  • Improved health Score
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