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This MOS note is not available anymore??!?

Let me craft a very short Tuesday evening blog post as this happened quite often to me. We promote a MOS note, either via our blogs or in our Virtual Classroom seminars and workshops. And when you try to access it, the note is gone. Plus, MyOracle Support (MOS) gives you no indication why it has disappeared or what has happened.

One of the many cases …

Chris commented on the blog here saying:

Hello Mike,

Unfortunately document “MOS Note: 2720807.1 – Oracle Database 19c Important Recommended One-off Patches” is not available anymore as

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Why do you need a password to download older patch bundles?

A customer raised this question recently: Why do you need a password to download older patch bundles? The customer wanted to download a PSU from July 2020 on the MyOracle Support (MOS) platform but this wasn’t possible without a password.

Why do you need a password to download older patch bundles?

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Why is there an extra password required?

In MOS Note: 888.1 – Master Note for Database Proactive Patch Program we documented the following:

1.4 Policy to obtain older Oracle Database Bundles, Updates & Revisions

Through our review of customer Service Requests (SRs), we find that customers frequently run into issues because they have unknowingly downloaded

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Oracle Database 19c is certified on OL8 and RHEL8

Oh … I’d say this was the question I’ve got asked the second most often in the past months (after a potential extension for Oracle support): When will Oracle certify OL8 and RHEL8? And I read this question internally even more often. Now thanks to my team mate Daniel Overby Hansen who spotted it on Twitter on the weekend, we can tell you that … finally … drum roll … Oracle Database 19c is certified on OL8 and RHEL8.

Oracle Database 19c is certified on OL8 and RHEL8

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How do you get the information?

Go to MyOracle Support and hit …

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OPatch … oh OPatch … why is datapatch so stubborn?

Well, it is Friday night – and I’d rather should sleep or do something cool people tend to do on Friday night’s. But I try to verify a strange issue with DBMS_OPTIM_BUNDLE and the October 2018 Update for Oracle I’m patching. Can you think of anything better on a Friday night than patching?

OPatch ... oh OPatch ... why is datapatch so stubborn?

Of course I know that I’m not alone. I know at least two customers I work with right now who do some maintenance jobs tonight as well. And I’m struggling with OPatch … oh OPatch … why is datapatch so stubborn?

My test setup

I have …

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Download Assistant for RUs, RURs, BPs, PSUs, Patch Sets and Releases

How often did I launch a search in MyOracle Support (MOS) for a specific Bundle Patch or Patch Set Update. And usually the MOS search results don’t get me what I’m looking for no matter how clever I search. But there was relief. A MOS Note combined all PSUs and BPs and much more into table format including the links. But what if there would be a Download Assistant for RUs, RURs, BPs, PSUs, Patch Sets and Releases?

I did blog about the previous magic note a while back:
Where is the Jan 2017 PSU for Oracle Database

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Tech Tip: Get updates about new/important MOS Notes

There’s nothing more annoying than unwanted and useless email newsletters in your inbox.

No doubt.

But sometimes I wish to have an alert about important MOS Note changes, recent additions to my favorite notes, updates to the bugs I monitor etc. I would like to know about helpful new MOS articles – when they get published 😉

And this is what you need to do (and I’ll have to apologize for the small pictures but our fancy, modern blog design template does not allow to include larger pictures …).

Log into MOS and change your SETTINGS

Once you’ve …

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New MOS Note:1962125.1 – Overview of Database Patch Delivery Methods

Usually I don’t announce MOS Notes but this one may be very helpful to sort out between all the different patches available these days for the database only. From Patch Sets to PSUs to SPUs to Interim Patches to Bundle Patches and so on.

Plus it includes also recommendations for testing and if you should apply them on a regular basis.

A very important MOS Note for most DBAs:

MOS Note:1962125.1
Overview of Database Patch Delivery Methods

MOS Note - Patch Delivery Methods


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It took a little while because of upgrades to My Oracle Support, but the pre-upgrade script for Oracle Database is now available for download. If you want the latest pre-upgrade script for any supported version of the database, simply go to MOS Note 884522.1 and download the script that corresponds to your destination release. This is a lot easier than downloading the entire kit in order to obtain the script!…

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Database Upgrade: Most important Support Notes Oracle

It’s been a while … sorry for not updating the Blog this frequently in the past weeks 😉

But now I’m back in business and today I’m updating our major slide set with some new stuff. And while I’m updating it I thought about what would be the most important MOS (My Oracle Support) Notes on Database Upgrades.

Actually I would say you should start here – and these Notes should guide you to the most important bits and pieces around upgrades. I won’t claim that this is THE final list so you might have a look into our comprehensive …

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Database Upgrade Troubleshooting Tool

Support recently released a new helpful tool to diagnose upgrade issues post upgrade:
The Database Upgrade Troubleshooting Tool.
You’ll access it via MOS Note:559339.1 and click on the top link in the middle column:

MOS Note:559339.1

The guided workflow has three steps:
1) Describe Problem
2) Upload Files
3) Review Recommendation

Describe Ugrade Problem

Once you have uploaded the upgrade diag log, the upgrade log, alert.log and maybe other things per request of the troubleshooting assistant you should see helpful recommendations.

Try it out if you encounter any issues during database upgrade.…

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