Data Pump’s amazingly useful METRICS=Y and LOGTIME=ALL parameters

Now that I am back from OpenWorld, I will hijack the Upgrade blog while Mike is traveling. 🙂

Thank you to everybody who came to our presentations or stopped at the demo booth to chat last week. We had a great many conversations, and we always learn from talking to customers! One of the common questions about Data Pump came in the form, “I have a data pump job that used to run in X minutes, but now takes <multiple of X> minutes. Can you tell me what might be happening?

Of course with that much information we

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Different Metrics for SPA (SQL Performance Analyzer)

I’m more the command line type of person. Once I’ve understand what’s going on behind the curtains I certainly switch to the GUI-click-click tools. But in the case of Real Application Testing – even though the support via the OEM GUI is excellent – sometimes I prefer to run my procedures from the command line and check my reports in the browser.

Recently Thomas, a colleague from Oracle ACS Support, and I were asking ourselves about the different comparison metrics for the SQL Performance Analyzer reporting We did scan the documentation but we found only examples but no complete …

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