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Clarification: Support Periods for Oracle and 18c

Monday morning, another way-too-hot July day. Summer is crazy this year in Europe. We all enjoy nice sunny weather but nobody does enjoy a serious drought. Nowhere. While going through my inbox I spot this statement: ““Why should we go to 18.x with support till 2020?“. And this is not an unusual question. But I think I should write a Clarification: Support Periods for Oracle and 18c. I receive plenty of such questions in the past weeks. And actually many from my colleagues.

Clarification: Support Periods for Oracle and 18c

First of all, your Single

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Oracle Database 12.2 – Lifetime Support Policy updated

The Oracle Lifetime Support Policy brochure for tech products has been updated now as well in order to reflect the addition and availability of Oracle Database 12.2 on-premises:

Lifetime Support Policy – Oracle technology products

Lifetime Support Policy Oracle Database

Please note that this table and the brochure never makes a distinction between patch sets and base releases. For instance, the line talking about Oracle 11.2 does not say that Oracle Database is out of any bug fixing support since Aug 27, 2015 – and Extended Support only applies to Oracle Database For those details please refer to the MOS Note

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Extended Support Fee for Oracle waived until May 31, 2017 – Extended Support until Dec 2020


Friday, Oct 16, 2015, Oracle announced that the Extended Support for Oracle Database will be waived until May 31, 2017. After this period of Waived Extendend Support, Extended Support for Oracle Database will be offered until end of December 2020.

This information can be found here:

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