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To which release should you upgrade to? Revisited …

I’ve had so many discussions with customers and partners, and also with colleagues in the past weeks and months about the support time frames for Oracle Database 12.2. Now I checked the blog, and I found so many posts about support periods. And I wrote a similar blog post already 1.5 years ago. I think it’s time to summarize all that. And give you some guidance as well about to which release should you upgrade to? Revisited …

To which release should you upgrade to? Revisited ...

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Basically there are 2 sources to learn about Support time frames for the database release:…

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How long will Oracle Database 12.2 be supported?

This question sounds very simple: How long will Oracle Database 12.2 be supported? Right? But I learned at a customer site recently that the information about the support periods for Oracle 12.2 may puzzle people sometimes. Hence I thought some clarification may be useful.

Lifetime Support Policy Brochure

First of all, when you have a look into the Lifetime Support Policy brochure the answer you’ll read there is:

  • Premier Support until March 2023
  • Extended Support until March 2026

How long will Oracle Database 12.2 be supported?

But this doesn’t give you any distinction between Oracle, Oracle 18c and Oracle 19c. These three releases fall under the Oracle

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Clarification: Support Periods for Oracle and 18c

Monday morning, another way-too-hot July day. Summer is crazy this year in Europe. We all enjoy nice sunny weather but nobody does enjoy a serious drought. Nowhere. While going through my inbox I spot this statement: ““Why should we go to 18.x with support till 2020?“. And this is not an unusual question. But I think I should write a Clarification: Support Periods for Oracle and 18c. I receive plenty of such questions in the past weeks. And actually many from my colleagues.

Clarification: Support Periods for Oracle and 18c

First of all, your Single

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Oracle Database 12.2 – Lifetime Support Policy updated




The Oracle Lifetime Support Policy brochure for tech products has been updated now as well in order to reflect the addition and availability of Oracle Database 12.2 on-premises:

Lifetime Support Policy – Oracle technology products

Lifetime Support Policy Oracle Database

Please note that this table and the brochure never makes a distinction between patch sets and base releases. For instance, the line talking about Oracle 11.2 does not say that Oracle Database is out of any bug fixing support since Aug 27, 2015 – and Extended Support …

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Release Dates Oracle Database on-prem – Extended Support Waiving for Oracle /

Yesterday night the most important MOS Note:742060.1 got updated with the planned release date for Oracle Database on-premises.

In addition, the dates for Waived Extended Support for Oracle Database and got extended as well.

Please see:

In summary:

  • Oracle Database for Exadata and SuperCluster is supposed to be released soon.
  • Oracle Database for Intel Linux x86 and Solaris platforms (SPARC and Intel) is supposed to be released soon after the Exadata/SuperCluster releaseFOR EXACT DATES PLEASE SEE MOS Note: 742060.1.
  • The Free (Waived) Extended
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