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Some very important MOS Notes when you upgrade and patch

Today, I would like to publish only a short blog post with some hints to MyOracle Support (MOS) notes we find quite helpful. The idea of all these notes I will list below is to help you finding the right patches before you upgrade or patch to Oracle 19c. So see our collection of Some very important MOS Notes when you upgrade and patch below.

Why do you need patch bundles?

At first, it is always our recommendation to upgrade to the most recent Release Update (RU). This is currently Oracle 19.11.0 while I’m …

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DMU – Tips and Tricks – Migration Assistant for Unicode


Please find previous posts about the Data Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) here:

Since Roy and I subscribed to the Hot Topics support email we’ll find a very helpful note none of us was aware of almost every second day.

One of these recent finds is:

For those who have never heard of the DMU before you’ll find a very …

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PSU1 and PSU2: Datapatch Issues coverd in MOS Note

You may have read a posting dis-recommending PSU1 and PSU2 for Oracle Multitenant especially in RAC/GI environments earlier this week. Actually following a lot of internal discussions I will post some advice and clarification later this week.

Now I have an useful update:
Datapatch Issues are covered within a separate MOS Note making it easier to keep track and find workarounds for known issues.
Please see MOS Note:1609718.1 Datapatch Known Issues


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