Yatra 2019 – Oracle Groundbreakers: Roy Swonger travels to India

In April in Vienna a colleague from the US asked me: “Is Roy serious to travel to India in July?”. He mentioned the temperatures, the humidity – and the rain. But Roy is serious – and while I’m writing this, he should be already on his way  to India to present about Upgrade and Migrations in 5 locations at Yatra 2019 – Oracle Groundbreakers: Roy Swonger travels to India.

Yatra 2019 - Oracle Groundbreakers: Roy Swonger travels to India

Why you need to attend?

The organizers have listed 6 fine reasons for attending Yatra on the official Yatra 2019 conference page. And I’m adding another one: You want to … [ Read more ]

SANGAM and DOAG Conferences 2016 – Recap + Slides

The past weeks were very intense. I’ve been to Japan for customer meetings and a Dev Day and an internal workshop, then on to China for an internal training, then to India for SANGAM conference and afterwards to Nürnberg for DOAG, the German Oracle User’s Group conference. And UKOUG is just in two weeks …

You’ll find the slides of my talks here:

and in the Slides Download Center.

Thanks again to the organizers of SANGAM and DOAG for such i… [ Read more ]

SANGAM and DOAG Conferences 2016

The upcoming weeks will involve a lot of travel 😉

I’m looking forward to present at SANGAM Conference in Bangalore, India on Nov 11 and 12 for the first time.

I will have two sessions at SANGAM:

There are so many interesting talks in the agenda (please click here) – the organizers have done a fantastic job.

Then I’m heading straight back to present at the German Oracle User Group Conference (DOAG) for the … let me think … 14th (?) time. So no time for jet lag. And glad that it will be a home match again … [ Read more ]

I won’t be able to come to India in March :-(

I assumed that it will become a tough trip to India this time in March with 3 workshops on 3 days in 3 different cities. But it became even tougher before. Unfortunately due to sick leave I won’t be able to fly to India next week. I deeply appologize as I was really looking forward to my 2nd visit to India.

Our next option: Roy will do it. But this is not possible as it takes at least 5 working days to acquire a Business Visa for India. Therefore our team’s disaster recovery solution won’t work either.

The… [ Read more ]

Upgrade Workshops in India in March 2014

*** Due to sick leave I won’t be able to come to India  ***
*** I deeply appologize – hope to see you soon again *** 


It will be a tough trip as I will travel on my own with long distances in between the workshops but I’m really looking forward to my second trip to India to run 3 Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c workshops in March 2014 in India.

Register as soon as possible as we have limited seat capacity:

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Workshop slides for Mumbai and Delhi

Finally me and Anoop arrived in Delhi a bit later than expected. Kingfisher Airlines is really good – and I think it was not their fault that we had nearly a 2 hour delay for a less-than-2-hour-flight. I’ve heard rumors that the IT of Delhi airport has been relocated to the new terminal today causing some flight delays …
Hopefully they’ll have time to visit the workshop in Delhi tomorrow 🙂

And thanks to the nice audience today in Mumbai. I did really enjoy the day and you had very good questions. In order to download the slides please access … [ Read more ]