COVID-19 – Corona Virus – Event Cancellations for March/April 2020

As you all can read from the press or see on TV or your preferred internet news page (not Facebook!!!), things here in Europe and I guess in the rest of the world change rapidly. In January we may have looked with interest or fear towards China and kept our fingers crossed, but since early February it is clear that the virus couldn’t be contained. In the last days a lot of countries in Europe have done things my Dad yesterday told me “never has happened in the 73 years of my life”. As of this morning, Germany closed its …

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Upcoming UPGRADE Workshops in Europe – Register Now

There will be a lot of travel within the next few weeks. So please keep your fingers crossed that Lufthansa pilots don’t go on strike for their ridicolous goals again. And I hope to see you in one of our upcoming workshops within the next weeks somewhere in the below cities.

Click on the date/location to the RIGHT to register, see location and agenda etc.ย 

CU soon ๐Ÿ™‚

– Mike and Roy

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