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Automatic Maintenance Jobs are enabled after upgrade

This is a strange behavior – but it seems as automatic maintenance jobs are enabled after upgrade. A customer (thanks Naveen!!) sent me an email the other week asking if there’s a flag in DBUA to prevent this enabling as on some of their databases the automatic maintenance jobs are disabled on purpose.

Automatic Maintenance Jobs are enabled after upgrade

It sounded kind of strange to me – and my first test was to use the instead of the DBUA.

First of all I did check the status of the Automatic Maintenance Jobs in my database:

SELECT client_name, 
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Gather Fixed Objects Stats in PDBs as well?

Yesterday I received an interesting customer question:

“Do we have to gather fixed objects stats inside a PDB as well or only in the CDB$ROOT?”

The customer told me he couldn’t find anything in the documentation. Neither could I. And I did check also the usual suspects this morning “Best Practices for Gathering Statistics” – but it does not say anything about PDBs and CDBs.

Therefore I did a short test:

  • Create a PDB in my Oracle CDB:
    SQL> create pluggable database PDB3
         admin user adm identified by adm
         file_name_convert=( '/u02/oradata/CDB1/pdbseed', '/u02/oradata/CDB1/pdb3');
  • Open the PDB:
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