Oracle Database In-Memory BASE_LEVEL Feature available since 19.8.0

These are absolutely exciting news. I found this email from our PM for Oracle In-Memory, Andy Rivenes, in my inbox this morning. Andy explained that with the database Release Update 19.8.0 the In-Memory BASE_LEVEL feature is now available. And you don’t have to purchase an extra license for it.

What is Oracle In-Memory?

So many things have been written and published about the In-Memory option. I’d rather link to this White Paper here (Oracle Database In-Memory with Oracle 19c) and put some additional links at the end of the blog post.

What is Oracle

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There’s sometimes a misunderstanding about what we mean with the term DEPRECATED? And what is the difference to DESUPPORTED? Actually there’s a full chapter in the Database Upgrade Guide listing deprecated and desupported features.


Especially this message puzzled a lot of customers stating that the non-CDB architecture is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c.

In the Database Upgrade Guide we clearly explain what deprecated means:

By deprecate, we mean that the feature is no longer being enhanced but is still supported

So for you it means just be …

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