Migrating Flashback Data Archive (FDA) tables

This morning I received an email question from a customer asking whether there is support for the Migrating Flashback Data Archive (FDA) tables in Oracle 19c. And since this is not the first time I received this question, I thought it may be good to have a blog post about it.

What is Flashback Data Archive (FDA)?

Well, google it. Actually I was looking for a link in our documentation but to my surprise I found the usual suspects such as Tim Hall’s excellent oracle-base page – but not much in our own doc …

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Does Data Pump import only serially into PDBs?

Daniel and I did Web Seminars this week. One of them was about the different migration strategies. We did talk a lot about Data Pump. One attendee mentioned that Data Pump Import does not work parallel into PDBs in Oracle and Oracle 18c. We were skeptical, and today I tried out to check: Does Data Pump import only serially into PDBs?

Very simple test setup

For this test, I take a schema export from an database in our Hands-On Lab, the TPCC user HammerORA uses in the UPGR database.…

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Export with Data Pump and Long Identifiers

I blogged a few days ago about Long Identifiers in Oracle Database 12.2 and accessing the objects via database links from lower database version. As this raised a few questions, I realized there may be a bit more clarification necessary. One question was about what happens during export with Data Pump and Long Identifiers. That’s a pretty good question.

Export with Data Pump and Long Identifiers

Export with Data Pump and Long Identifiers

I’d like to demonstrate the effect with a short example. I’m doing all my tests in a fresh PDB inside an Oracle 18.1.0 CDB from out Hands-On Lab. But you can repeat …

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APEX is in CDB$ROOT again – Journey to the Cloud VII

Well … it’s been a while … but I would like to continue my journey to the cloud …

What happened so far on my Journey to the Cloud?

DBaaS Oracle Cloud

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Full Transportable Export/Import White Paper

One of the really cool and helpful features in Oracle Database 12c is called Full Transportable Export/Import. It combines the basics of transportable tablespaces – of course cross-platform, cross-endianess, cross-version – with Data Pump taking care on all the stuff not stored in tables and indexes, such as views, synonyms, trigger, packages etc. And you can even reduce downtime by combining the feature with incrementally converted RMAN backups.

And the best thing: this will work with an Oracle Database to Oracle Database 12c – so you don’t have to be on Oracle Database 12c in order to …

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Data Pump: Consistent Export?

Ouch … I have to admit as I did say in several workshops in the past weeks that a data pump export with expdp is per se consistent.

Well … I thought it is … but it’s not. Thanks to a customer who is doing a large unicode migration at the moment. We were discussing parameters in the expdp’s par file. And I did ask my colleagues after doing some research on MOS. And here are the results of my “research”:

  • MOS Note 377218.1 has a nice example showing a data pump export of a partitioned table with DELETEs on
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How to get the Master Table from a Data Pump expdp?

PumpInteresting question a customer had last week during the Upgrade Workshop in Munich. He’s getting export dump files from several customers and often not much information describing the contents. So how can ge find out what’s in there, which was the source characterset etc.

This seems to be a simple question but it did cost me a few searches and tests to come back with some (hopefully) useful information.

First attempt: $strings expdp.dmp > outexpdp.txt

I bet there are better ways to do this but in my case this will give me:

x86_64/Linux 2.4.xx
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