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Unplug / Plug / Upgrade with AutoUpgrade

When we launched AutoUpgrade, it could upgrade non-CDBs and CDBs with all PDBs. Soon after, it learned to upgrade a non-CDB and plug it into an existing CDB as a new PDB. And then, as next step, we added Unplug / Plug / Upgrade with AutoUpgrade. In this case you have a PDB (or hopefully more than one), and you’d like to upgrade one or many PDBs by moving them to a new CDB with a higher database version.

Test Setup

As test setup I use our Hands-On Lab.

I will …

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Can I restart a failed Multitenant Upgrade as well?

A while back I did blog about the new -R option of the parallel upgrade tool catctl.pl in Oracle Database 12.2.

And in case you will do a real Multitenant upgrade and fail – as it happened to me today due to “no space left on device” (no audit files could be written anymore) I tried the -R option as well based on Joe’s (our lead catctl.pl developer) recommendation:

$ $ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl catctl.pl -n 6 -R -l /home/oracle/mike2 catupgrd.sql

Argument list for [catctl.pl]
Run in                c = 0
Do not run in         
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Upgrade Everything at Once – Multitenant Upgrade from Oracle 12.1 to 12.2

I did blog about this topic a while back.

Theory is nice but it’s a big difference when you do it the first time with a non-lab deployment at a customer with a real Multitenant database with almost 100 PDBs.Then you learn that neither the documentation nor my previous blog post contain all the necessary steps.

My test setup

I have a simple deployment of just 5 PDBs. But it will showcase with my limited compute capabilities how the process should work.

SQL> show pdbs

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Upgrade PDBs – Everything At Once (Full CDB Upgrade)

As referred to it before there are two techniques to upgrade an Oracle Multitenant environment:

In this post I will explain the method of “Everything At Once” and describe all the steps. The benefit of this approach is simplicity and ease of maintenance. In an upgrade workshop in Melbourne earlier this year a DBA from Germany came by in one of the breaks explaining that he takes care on over 100 developer databases – and it would ease his life a lot if he could …

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