Data Pump: The Time Zone Pitfalls

Data Pump: The Time Zone Pitfalls

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Last week a very experienced colleague called me. He had issues with an export dump taken from an Oracle 20c database importing into 19c. It failed. So this blog post is about Data Pump: The Time Zone Pitfalls.

The Case

Usually you will see this issue only when you try to export from a higher version, and then attempt to import into a lower one. But the same thing can happen when you patched your databases partially with a newer time zone patch regardless of the version.

My colleague saw this error:

impdp system/welcome1@//localhost:1521/MYDB 
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DST Time Zone Patch V.32 and V.33 for Oracle 18.5.0

If you’d ever attended one of Roy’s or my workshops, you know that we talk about time zone adjustments after the database upgrade. We explain why this is important. But as everything, it depends if you really need to apply and adjust. In our workshops we recommend one single note for time zone adjustments: MOS Note:412160.1 . This note has been updated and republished. It contains DST V.32 and DST V.33 links and references. Amit Grover from AWS contacted me and told me about a potential dependency of DST patches to the Oracle Update such as RU 18.4.0 or 18.5.0.…

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How to patch all PDBs with the a new time zone file?

Yesterday I wrote about how to adjust the time zone setting in the PDB$SEED as by default the time zone scripts won’t touch the PDB$SEED when you execute them. And in addition, MOS Note:1509653.1 tells you, that the PDB$SEED can’t be adjusted. But this leads to a weird mix of time zone settings across a Multitenant deployment. Which I’d guess is not desired. Following a tweet reply by Marco Mischke I realized: I explained how to patch the PDB$SEED – but I didn’t explain how to patch all PDBs with the a new time zone file?

How to patch all PDBs with the a new time zone file?

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Does the PDB$SEED get “time zone” patched or not?

Today I received a question from a very experienced Oracle ACS engineer whether the PDB$SEED get time zone patched or not when a time zone patch gets applied. I’d say spontaneously “Of course, it does” but after thinking for a few seconds I started having doubts. Question is: Does the PDB$SEED get “time zone” patched or not?

Does the PDB$SEED get "time zone" patched or not?

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Time zone scripts are in ?/rdbms/admin since Oracle 18c

First of all, since Oracle Database 18c the scripts to adjust time zone settings of the database are in ?/rdbms/admin. If you did our Hands-On Lab already …

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Create a database with NON-DEFAULT Time Zone

One requirement of Transportable Tablespaces (and of course Full Transportable Export/Import as well) is to have identical database character sets AND identical time zone settings.


Source database has a lower time zone setting than the default target database in the destination home.

Lets assume you’d like to migrate an Oracle off IBM AIX and migrate it into Oracle on an Exadata meaning Oracle Linux 6. The source time zone version if it has never been upgraded would be TZ V14 – whereas the new Oracle database you’d create would get TZ V18 by default.

Time Zone Setting Oracle Database

Solution 1

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Let’s do the Time Warp again!

Once you start reading about Daylight Saving Time changes in MyOracleSupport you’ll find still a lot of notes explaining this and that and back and forth. But sometimes there seems to be a bit too much information – and lacking clear instructions. Once a customer called that the “Time Zone Spaghetti” after reading MOS notes about DST for several hours ending up with the note where he has begun to read before still not clear what to do now 😉

I’m using usually the scripts from MOS Note:977512.1 as you’ll just have to exchange the DST version you are upgrading

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New Time Zone Patch DST V18 is available

Sorry for not updating the blog more often at the moment – but more updates will come soon as I play around with Oracle Restart and single instance databases in ASM with Oracle 11.2.

Just on the side there’s a new time zone patch to DST V18 available since May 2012. You can download it via PATCH download from MOS with the patch number: 13417321

What do you think? Will Lufthansa operate a faster jet the other night? Will the jet stream be more powerful? Or a better type of fuel? Or is it just the travel portal which hasn’t

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Are you still on Daylight Savings Time?

Central Europe and many other countries switched back from Daylight Savings Time to regular time on this Sunday’s night. But others don’t. Thanks to a “wise” decision in 2006 the US will switch back to regular time in one week. And another “wise” man has decided that there’s no need for Russia to switch back to regular time (see the last paragraph on “DST” in this linked Wikipedia article) – so Russia will stay forever on DST being one hour ahead 😉 Samoa will simply jump from the end of the time zone puzzle now heading it

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Time Zone Upgrade might be slow

One of the best things with my role in Oracle’s Upgrade Development is:
I work with customers – and I learn a lot from customers.

This is an issue Richie and his team from Accenture in Ireland brought to my attention. I try to support them currently in an EBS database upgrade. And he did highlight a potential issue with the post upgrade time zone change to me:

Time ZonesBug 10209691 – slow performance on ALL_TSTZ_TAB_COLS
Workaround: alter session set “_with_subquery”=materialize;

All together the upgrade of an Oracle EBS 11i database takes approx 30 minutes. And we still do recommend …

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