Multiple Hops – Which should be the intermediate release?

Multiple Hop Oracle Database UpgradesThis is a topic which doesn’t come up very often. But if it does come up from time to time, and the documentation may give you advice – but as I realized – it does not always give the best advice. When you have to do multiple hops – which should be your intermediate release?

I posted something about this topic a while back:

What are Multiple Hops?

We speak of multiple hops in relation to database upgrades when your source release does not allow you to upgrade directly …

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Multiple hop upgrades? Execute the matching preupgrade scripts for each hop

We discussed an interesting upgrade case last week together with our upgrade colleagues in Support – and learned the double-hop (or triple-hop) upgrade case is not described in the documentation somewhere.

What is a multiple-hop upgrade?

Triple Jump

Triple Jump – Willie Banks – Olympics 1988 Seoul

Actually this describes the case where somebody can’t upgrade directly and has to do several upgrades in a sequence to reach the targeted release. For example, you start of with an Oracle database – and your targeted release is Oracle . A direct upgrade is not possible. I would opt now for Data …

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