Oracle Database 19.2 for Exadata is now available for download

Time flies – and we have 2019. Since a few minutes Oracle Database 19.2 for Exadata is now available for download. Oracle Database 19.2 for Exadata is now available for download You can download as of today Oracle Database 19.2 for Exadata from the Software Delivery Cloud (eDelivery). Just type in “Oracle Database” into the search window: And then add it to your cart: Documentation And of course, the Oracle Database 19c documentation is available as of now as well: Further Information Please read more on the Oracle Database Blog. –Mike

9 Upgrade and Migration Scenarios

Our doc team has put a lot of effort together with the help of my team mates and created these 9 Upgrade and Migration Scenarios as part of the official Oracle documentation. The idea is to cut out the most common use cases and give a quick and comprehensive overview on all necessary steps. 9 Upgrade and Migration Scenarios These comprehensive 9 scenarios cover non-CDB and PDB/CDB as well as changing to new hardware: Migrating and Converting Non-CDBs to a PDB with a Different Endian Operating System HTML PDF Show Details Migrating Non-CDBs to New Hardware with a Different Endian…

Oracle Database Documentation – From Past to Present

Yesterday one of my colleagues, well known Data Guard Guru Larry “Murphy” Carpenter, sent out an internal email with links to older and recent Oracle Database Documentation. Reason why you should use the below links: Some sites in the www have stored copies of the doc – but some may represent not the most recent state or may not be complete. So stay with the official Oracle docs only: Oracle 8.0.6 Oracle 8.1.7 Oracle 9.0.1 Oracle 9.2.0 Oracle Database 10.1.0 Oracle Database 10.2.0 Oracle Database 11.1.0 Oracle Database 11.2.0 Oracle Database 12.1.0…

New White Paper about Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c

With the release of Oracle Database 12c many new collateral will be available right now including our new White Paper: White Paper: Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c This white paper outlines the methods available for you to upgrade and migrate your database to Oracle Database 12c.  Learn about different use cases and key factors to consider when choosing the method that best fits your requirements. And if you’d like to have a look into the new Oracle 12c documentation please find it here: Oracle Database 12c Documentation -Mike