Choose your desired time zone version (DST) upgrade

This morning I received a very reasonable question from a customer who has a time zone mismatch between source and target database. And he wants to transport into a PDB on Exadata. Even though, this sounds trivial at first sight, unfortunately it isn’t. But a bug fix done recently for a German automotive customer is very handy here. So let me show you how you can Choose your desired time zone version (DST) upgrade.

Choose your desired time zone version (DST) upgrade

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Where does the problem start?

In this particular – and not unusual case – the customer wants to migrate …

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RUs contain now all available DST patches

At first, Happy New Year everybody. There was silence on the blog for some weeks but I took an extended longer time off. Well, and once you return, there are some emails in your inbox which need some work. You’ll see several new blog posts getting published in the coming days. Back to normal, yesterday night RU 19.18.0 among other patch bundles has been released. And there’s a huge fantastic surprise in it: RUs contain now all available DST patches.


What’s the story?

There are some good news. We discussed this internally …

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Differences between PSU / BP and RU / RUR

Since Oracle Database we change our patching model as well, switching from Patch Set Updates (PSU) and Proactive Bundle Patches (BP) to Release Updates (RU) and Release Update Revisions (RUR). But what are actually the differences between PSU / BP and RU / RUR patch bundles? Is there any or is it just a renaming of well known patch bundles?

No change on MS Windows

First of all, let me say that there won’t be any changes on the Windows platform. If your preferred operating system is MS Windows then stop reading here. On Windows you’ll see …

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Package Differences between Oracle and

The question sounds pretty trivial:

Which packages did exist in Oracle but don’t exist in Oracle anymore?

And going a bit deeper into the topic,

Which procedures and functions calls of SYS packages have been changed since then?

A colleague of mine (thanks to Thomas Kempkens from ACS Support for writing up a fancy procedure – all credits go to him) had to dig this out for a customer,

See the result.
These packages don’t exist in Oracle anymore but did exist in Oracle (without PSUs):

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MS Windows Bundle Patches – a VERY different story

I like Upgrade Workshops for a very different reason:
Hopefully people feed back with questions and information I wasn’t aware off before. So for myself these workshops are also a learning experience. And thanks to a customer in Singapore (Thanks a lot, Hanh!!) I learned something about Oracle’s Bundle Patches for MS Windows.

Customer asked about a specific issue when using RMAN Duplicate command in 12c failing with a nice ORA-600 [KSRPCSEXEC_1]. This got logged a while ago as bug16883554 – and it will be fixed in database patch set But this customer asked …

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