Die Mobiliar

Mobiliar Insurance consolidates over 350 PDBs to new Exadatas

The year is almost over and many of you will take off in your well-deserved holidays. At this point it’s not time yet for a 2019 summary or my “Best Records of 2019” list, but to highlight a great success story from Swiss Mobiliar Insurance’s Oracle team.

Mobiliar Insurance consolidates over 350 PDBs to new Exadatas

Photo by Melina Kiefer on Unsplash

Mobiliar Insurance – never heard about them?

There are actually two typical situations when you’ve never heard about Mobiliar Insurance (“Die Mobiliar“) before. You either don’t live in Switzerland and you never visited one of our workshops nor any of the talks Alain Fuhrer and …

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Customer Success: Swiss Mobiliar Insurance

In late 2014 I’ve got asked if I’d like to work with Swiss Mobiliar, the oldest Switzerland insurer, on their upgrade project to move almost 300 databases from Oracle to

Swiss Mobiliar 12c

Swiss Mobiliar – Insurance – 300 databases to Oracle 12c

How do such projects start?

Usually we ask the customer upfront to sign a non-binding reference agreement with us. This ensures that we can support a customer in such a project before, during …

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Oracle Open World 2016 – Recommended Customer Talks

At OOW 2016 there are some customer talks from customers we worked with or at least were involved in their project plans. We highly recommend the talks below.

British Telecom has such an ambitious upgrade and migration project for really MANY databases. I’m looking forward to David’s talk. We met at UKOUG TECH15 and I promise it will be a very interesting insight presentation.

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