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Datapatch may be slower when Traditional and Unified Auditing are on

I wrote several times especially about Unified Auditing in the past. It is a very efficient and useful way to audit operations in the database. But you need to be a bit careful about what’s on, and what isn’t. Now we recently had a customer case where it was clearly proven that Datapatch may be slower when Traditional and Unified Auditing are on. But how can this happen?

Recapping Traditional Auditing

At first, I am neither a security not an auditing expert. But I played quite a bit with Unified Auditing over the …

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Be aware of database options selections for PDBs in DBCA

I did blog about several things-to-know with DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant) in the past. And one issue came up in our internal mailing list the other day. Be aware of database options selections for PDBs in DBCA. Missing one or the other “click” may bring you in trouble later on. I blogged about this already a while ago but this was only part of a larger post: Create Multitenant Databases with DBCA – Things to Know.

Be aware of database options selections for PDBs in DBCA

When you create a custom container database with DBCA you will see this …

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Always create databases as CUSTOM databases

I’m giving this advice to customers for many years:
When you create a fresh Oracle database ALWAYS create databases as CUSTOM databases. Via template or not doesn’t matter.

Always create CUSTOMER databasesIn the DBCA better use your own and wisely configured template rather than the prebuilt (we used to call them: seed) databases. The seed databases for “Data Warehouse” and “General Purpose or Transaction Processing” have all options and components included. I use them for testing from time to time.

As the upgrade duration mainly depends on the number of installed components I’d recommend to choose the components to install, and …

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Does DBCA execute “datapatch” in Oracle 12.2?

Does the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) execute “datapatch -verbose” in Oracle 12.2 when you create a new database?

Does DBCA in Oracle 12.2 execute datapatch when you create new database? I was curious if this misbehavior from the previous release has been fixed. Good news: It got fixed with Oracle Database The DBCA does execute “datapatch -verboseautomatically now when you create a new database. In the previous release this did not happen – you had to execute it manually after creating a new database.

Quick Test Scenario

I …

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Create a database with NON-DEFAULT Time Zone

One requirement of Transportable Tablespaces (and of course Full Transportable Export/Import as well) is to have identical database character sets AND identical time zone settings.


Source database has a lower time zone setting than the default target database in the destination home.

Lets assume you’d like to migrate an Oracle off IBM AIX and migrate it into Oracle on an Exadata meaning Oracle Linux 6. The source time zone version if it has never been upgraded would be TZ V14 – whereas the new Oracle database you’d create would get TZ V18 by default.

Time Zone Setting Oracle Database

Solution 1

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