4+1 Seminars: Upgrade, Migrate, Consolidate to 19c – not only for Australia

Actually this weekend Roy and I would have flown from Australia to New Zealand. We planned at least 5 seminars. And we’ll do them in person as soon as conditions allow. If you are not tired yet of all these seminars offered to you, then we have the right offering for you.

And not only for those of you based in Australia and New Zealand. Singapore, Japan, Korea and other countries in this part of the globe. Roy and I will run for 4+1 Seminars: Upgrade, Migrate, Consolidate to 19c – not only for

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Some impressions from Seoul and Beijing

There was not much time left to walk around and take some pictures during our fully packed workshop week in Seoul and Beijing. But as I have my camera almost always in my pocket I took some pictures … 🙂

Seoul View

Seoul Food … yes … BEEF … wonderfully thin sliced beef on the barbecue grid

Tumbling Seoul
(that’s exactly how I felt in the morning after our night at Peter, Paul and Mary’s (see below)).

Modern Beijing … very modern

Well … or even more modern …

There’s always a traffic jam … simply too many cars …

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Upgrade Talks at OpenWorld Beijing: December 13-16, 2010

Mike may be done traveling for a while, but I have more than a bit of travel coming up. Next week I will be delivering four talks at OpenWorld Beijing 2010.

I’m looking forward to returning to Beijing. Last time Mike and I saw the usual tourist sites and plenty of interesting food. One place to which I will definitely try to return this time is Da Dong Duck, a wonderful restaurant for (what else?) Peking Duck.

Da Dong Duck.jpg

Oh yes, my talks, I almost forgot :-). Here are the details:

Session Title: The Most Common Upgrade Mistakes (and How

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