How to skip a Fixup in AutoUpgrade

In this blog post I’d like to demonstrate how to skip a fixup in AutoUpgrade. This can be very useful in cases where you know that an issue may happen. Recently we saw several cases with unexpected long runtime for the gathering of fixed objects stats.

How to skip a Fixup in AutoUpgrade

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Analyze Mode

During the analyze phase, AutoUpgrade creates a <SID>_checklist.cfg file. You will find it in your job’s prechecks subdirectory, e.g.


My SID is DB12, and 100 is the job number.

This is how the db12_checklist.cfg looks in my example:

[SID]          [DB12]
[container]          [DB12]
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Does the PDB$SEED get “time zone” patched or not?

Today I received a question from a very experienced Oracle ACS engineer whether the PDB$SEED get time zone patched or not when a time zone patch gets applied. I’d say spontaneously “Of course, it does” but after thinking for a few seconds I started having doubts. Question is: Does the PDB$SEED get “time zone” patched or not?

Does the PDB$SEED get "time zone" patched or not?

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Time zone scripts are in ?/rdbms/admin since Oracle 18c

First of all, since Oracle Database 18c the scripts to adjust time zone settings of the database are in ?/rdbms/admin. If you did our Hands-On Lab already …

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