Transportable Tablespaces – Example and strange error with a PDB

Yesterday I was browsing around for a useful simple example to test Transportable Tablespaces. A colleague mailed with the other day with a strange error message. The attempt to import into a PDB in Oracle 19c failed. My first thought: Oh, this is simple. But I failed, too. And even worse, I couldn’t find a single useful note in MyOracle Support (MOS) for ORA-31640, ORA-27037, Linux-x86_64 Error: 2 with Additional information: 7. So I decided to summarize this in Transportable Tablespaces – Example and strange error with a PDB.

A simple Transportable Tablespace

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How to patch all PDBs with the a new time zone file?

Yesterday I wrote about how to adjust the time zone setting in the PDB$SEED as by default the time zone scripts won’t touch the PDB$SEED when you execute them. And in addition, MOS Note:1509653.1 tells you, that the PDB$SEED can’t be adjusted. But this leads to a weird mix of time zone settings across a Multitenant deployment. Which I’d guess is not desired. Following a tweet reply by Marco Mischke I realized: I explained how to patch the PDB$SEED – but I didn’t explain how to patch all PDBs with the a new time zone file?

How to patch all PDBs with the a new time zone file?

Photo by Laureen

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APEX is in CDB$ROOT again – Journey to the Cloud VII

Well … it’s been a while … but I would like to continue my journey to the cloud …

What happened so far on my Journey to the Cloud?

DBaaS Oracle Cloud

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Gather Fixed Objects Stats in PDBs as well?

Yesterday I received an interesting customer question:

“Do we have to gather fixed objects stats inside a PDB as well or only in the CDB$ROOT?”

The customer told me he couldn’t find anything in the documentation. Neither could I. And I did check also the usual suspects this morning “Best Practices for Gathering Statistics” – but it does not say anything about PDBs and CDBs.

Therefore I did a short test:

  • Create a PDB in my Oracle CDB:
    SQL> create pluggable database PDB3
         admin user adm identified by adm
         file_name_convert=( '/u02/oradata/CDB1/pdbseed', '/u02/oradata/CDB1/pdb3');
  • Open the PDB:
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Why you should remove APEX from the CDB$ROOT

Upgrade Blog posts about Oracle Application Express:

Oracle APEX (Application Express) is great piece of software. But it gets installed by default into the container database’s CDB$ROOT unless you’d customized your CDB creation via scripts in Oracle See:

on how to customize a Single/Multitenant Database with less options.

But that is not the topic I …

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