Does the PDB$SEED get “time zone” patched or not?

Today I received a question from a very experienced Oracle ACS engineer whether the PDB$SEED get time zone patched or not when a time zone patch gets applied. I’d say spontaneously “Of course, it does” but after thinking for a few seconds I started having doubts. Question is: Does the PDB$SEED get “time zone” patched or not?

Does the PDB$SEED get "time zone" patched or not?

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Time zone scripts are in ?/rdbms/admin since Oracle 18c

First of all, since Oracle Database 18c the scripts to adjust time zone settings of the database are in ?/rdbms/admin. If you did our Hands-On Lab already … [ Read more ]

Install components in Multitenant ALWAYS with

I did blog several times about how to remove an unwanted component from a database. But yesterday I came across this interesting scenario worth a blog post.

How to install a component afterwards in Single-/Multitenant?

I haven’t checked all the MOS Notes but I recognized that some MOS Notes explaining how to (re-)create a component such as JVM are not updated to deal with a Single and/or Multitenant environment as they simply call the scripts from SQL*Plus. But the key to script execution in such an environment is, the perl driver meant to execute database scripts not only in … [ Read more ]

New MOS Notes on Database Upgrades for 12c with or without Oracle Multitenant

Please find some new MyOracle Support (MOS) Notes about Database Upgrades to Oracle Database 12c, with or without Oracle Multitenant:

Credits for the CDB/PDB Notes go to

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