October 2020 Version of AutoUpgrade is available

The October 2020 Version of AutoUpgrade is available now for download since Friday last week. As usual, you can access it easily via MOS Note: 2485457.1 – AutoUpgrade Tool.

What’s new in the October 2020 version?

As usual you find the change.log at the end of MOS Note: 2485457.1 – AutoUpgrade Tool for the most recent Oracle Database upgrade tool. You will find the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Enahancements
    • BUG_31709141 Allow the job state to be reset when database is restored manually
  • Fixes
    • AUPG-1862 ORA-65173 occurs when running the fix for
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AutoUpgrade Tips: Running two (or more) sessions in parallel

Our intention with the AutoUpgrade as the single tool to upgrade your databases was initially: You have one big config file for your databases. And you will use this file to upgrade your databases unattended. Ideally you run an “analyze” at first, then you schedule a “deploy” for overnight or the next weekend or whenever it is convenient for you. But sometimes people have different needs. In this particular case several people asked whether you can run multiple AutoUpgrade tools in parallel on the same server. Hence, I’d like to explain the first of more AutoUpgrade …

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AutoUpgrade may fail when patch ID column is NULL

Monday morning – it’s time to write a new blog post. And actually I will set priorities based on what you reported to me in the past week. This way it may prevent others from hitting the same pitfall. The AutoUpgrade may fail when patch ID column is NULL in REGISTRY$HISTORY.

AutoUpgrade may fail when patch ID column is NULL

Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash

What is happening?

You start a database upgrade with autoupgrade. But the initial check will fail with a message like this:

AutoUpgrade tool launched with default options
There was an error initializing the patching information for entry upg2

The AutoUpgrade won’t kick …

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