Why is the October Patch Bundle from July?

Strange blog headline, isn’t it? Intentionally. Peter Lehmann mailed me a question – and asked more or less: Why is the October Patch Bundle from July? Sounds strange? It is strange …

Strange notation

Peter wanted to download the most recent patch bundle for Grid Infrastructure from October. And he found patch 28507693:

But he was wondering about the headline having the date of October 18, 2018 together with JUL 2018.

Why is the October Patch Bundle from July?

How does this make sense??


When you flash back to the day when we introduced “Updates” (RU) and “Revisions” (RUR) you may remember that we release quarterly “Updates” …

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DMU – Tips and Tricks – Migration Assistant for Unicode


Please find previous posts about the Data Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) here:

Since Roy and I subscribed to the Hot Topics support email we’ll find a very helpful note none of us was aware of almost every second day.

One of these recent finds is:

For those who have never heard of the DMU before you’ll find a very …

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