Be aware of database options selections for PDBs in DBCA

I did blog about several things-to-know with DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant) in the past. And one issue came up in our internal mailing list the other day. Be aware of database options selections for PDBs in DBCA. Missing one or the other “click” may bring you in trouble later on. I blogged about this already a while ago but this was only part of a larger post: Create Multitenant Databases with DBCA – Things to Know.

Be aware of database options selections for PDBs in DBCA

When you create a custom container database with DBCA you will see this … [ Read more ]

Oracle APEX (Application Express) Clean Up in Oracle Database 11.2-12.2

Oracle APEX (Application Express) Clean Up in Oracle Database 11.2-12.2Oracle APEX (Application Express) clean up in Oracle Database 11.2-12.2 is fairly simple and straight forward. With the upgrade to Oracle Database Oracle APEX does not get upgraded automatically anymore. If necessary you should upgrade Oracle APEX upfront of afterwards. But please do keep an eye on the APEX certification with Oracle Database to avoid any issues:

Oracle APEX (Application Express) Clean Up in Oracle Database 11.2-12.2

Before you start removing anything from your database please … [ Read more ]

Is your APEX version certified with your Database release?

Last week I’ve had an interesting discussion with a customer about the certification of APEX and Oracle Database

I did a bit of research and emailing – and thanks to the APEX team – this is the source of truth for APEX certifications.

Minimum Database version for APEX

See MOS Note:1344948.1: Application Express (APEX) Database and Web Server Certification Reference:

  • For APEX 4.0, the minimum database version is
  • For APEX 5.0, the minimum database version is
  • For APEX 5.1, the minimum database version is

Minimum APEX version per Database

See MOS Note:1344948.1: Application Express (APEX) Database [ Read more ]

Use the correct download to patch APEX from 5.1.0 to 5.1.1

When you plan to upgrade Oracle Application Express (APEX) from version 5.1.0 to 5.1.1 please be aware to download a patch from MOS instead the 5.1.1 version from OTN.

The text on the OTN page is a bit misleading – and a customer I work with downloaded the wrong version which led to a failed upgrade – even though the scripts seem to be made for this patch upgrade.

APEX 5.1.1 Full Version Download

Oracle APEX 5.1.1 download on OTN

Even though the page says “This is a cumulative patch set for Application Express 5.1.0” the page offers you a full install and not … [ Read more ]

APEX is in CDB$ROOT again – Journey to the Cloud VII

Well … it’s been a while … but I would like to continue my journey to the cloud …

What happened so far on my Journey to the Cloud?

DBaaS Oracle Cloud

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Clean up APEX – Journey to the Cloud IV

What happened so far on my Journey to the Cloud?

DBaaS Oracle Cloud

Today’s journey: Cleanup APEX removal leftovers 

When you read my “Patch” blog post from Dec 22, 2015 you’ll see

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Upgrade downtime credited to APEX

What do you think when you see this post-upgrade result?

Oracle Database 12.1 Post-Upgrade Status Tool           08-07-2015 15:08:26

Component                               Current         Version  Elapsed Time
Name                                    Status          Number   HH:MM:SS

Oracle Server                          UPGRADED  00:19:26
JServer JAVA Virtual Machine              VALID  00:10:52
Oracle Workspace Manager                  VALID  00:01:52
OLAP Analytic Workspace                   VALID  00:00:34
OLAP Catalog                         OPTION OFF  00:00:00
Oracle OLAP API                           VALID  00:00:42
Oracle XDK                                VALID  00:01:07
Oracle Text                               VALID  00:01:36
Oracle XML Database                       VALID  00:03:55
Oracle Database Java Packages             VALID  00:00:22
Oracle Multimedia                         VALID  00:03:57
Spatial                                UPGRADED  00:08:56
Oracle Application Express                VALID     
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Java in the database – OJVM non-rolling patches – OJVM Removal


How can I find out if Oracle’s JVM is used in my database?


This is unfortunately not as trivial as I thought initially …
Let’s start with:

Until Oracle version 11.2 or later, there was no way to confirm if Oracle JVM is not actively used in the database

However, what can be said is:
1) If there are non-Oracle schemas that contain java objects, then 3rd party products or user defined java programs could be actively using the Oracle JVM.
2) If there are Oracle schemas, other than SYS, that contain java objects, then 

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Save Upgrade downtime: Upgrade APEX upfront

See also:

With almost every patch or release upgrade of the Oracle Database a new version of Oracle Application Express (APEX) will be installed. And as APEX is part of the database installation it will be upgraded as part of the component upgrades after the ORACLE SERVER component has been successfully upgraded to the new releases.

APEXBut the APEX upgrade can take a bit (several minutes or even more in some cases). Therefore it is a common advice to upgrade APEX upfront before upgrading the database as this can be done online while the … [ Read more ]