January 2018 Database RU and RUR got released

It’s patching time again. The January 2018 Database RU and RUR got released. And of course other patch bundles as well. And of course not only for the database but for many other products as well. I try to summarize below the most important information and links.

January 2018 Database RU and RUR got released

First of all always have a look at the Critical Patch Alert and the Risk Matrix:

Then you’ll see that there are three fixes included for vulnerabilities which may be remotely exploitable without authentication, …

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Ouch, this hurts: bug 21923026 – patch Oracle 12c Home before upgrading if you have OLTP Compression in 11g


Actually I’d consider this as a real serious issue which may affect many customers with larger deployments using the Advanced Compression Option’s OLTP Compression.

I came across it as Don Seiler full of anger twittered some bad words about Oracle Database We’ve exchanged a good number of emails – and I could see the issues Don and his colleagues got while assisting a customer to go live on Oracle Database 12c.

The most interesting one happened on the physical standby after the primary got upgraded. The MRP failed with an ORA-600.


After upgrading from Oracle to …

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