UKOUG 20 – Move to ADB – For Experts and Beginners



Dec 1, 2020 – 15:00h GMT – 16:00h CET


I will cover all the potential paths into ADB. It’s no rocket science. But with the ALWAYS FREE TIER available, this maybe even useful for your apart from your current job. Whatever data you have, Excel, CSV, or entire databases. We will showcase how to efficiently and quickly upload your data.

SQL Developer Web, SQL Developer, Data Pump, SQL Loader, MV2ADB and more – and we’ll showcase everything. So you can choose the best solution for your own purpose.

No marketing involved – we won’t sell you …

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Virtual Classroom: Migrate to the Cloud – For Techies Only

  • October 15, 2020 – 11:00h CEST | 13:00 GST | 12:00 EEST | 10:00 BST
    MOVE TO THE CLOUD – For Techies
    Whether you have databases in a cloud environment, or you plan to lift databases soon, this webinar is for you. We won’t cover cloud solution benefits but will show you how you can migrate your database(s) into the Oracle Cloud. We’ll start with Autonomous and also cover migration into VMs, Bare Metal, OCI, ExaCS and ExaCC. And we’ll look at minimizing downtime strategy, where ZDM can help. This two-hour webinar is not strictly for technical geeks‒but
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Upgrade to Oracle 19c – Virtual Classroom Series – Parts 5 and 6

October will be a very busy month. Daniel and I are putting the slides together at the moment for the upcoming Upgrade to Oracle 19c – Virtual Classroom Series – Parts 5 and 6. We will speak about “Database Migration Techniques” and about “Move to the Cloud – For Techies Only“. No worries if you missed Parts 1-4 as you can watch all of them online on-demand. Find all links below.

Register for the Virtual Classroom Part 5 and Part 6 events

Find the overview for both events here …

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Thank you, Barcelona – I’ll be back soon :)

I stopped more or less watching Champions League football since it is available on pay TV only for over a year in Germany. But of course I saw the result yesterday: Barca lifting Dortmund into the play-off stage by beating Inter in Milano. Well, I guess, all BVB fans will have celebrated yesterday night. Still, the reason for my blog post is not football. But I’d like to say Thank you, Barcelona – I’ll be back soon 🙂

On Monday, Dec 9, 2019, I held a full day upgrade workshop in Barcelona. The Oracle ACS team did all …

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