Why you can’t stay on Oracle Database 11g forever

Oracle Database 11g? In 2022? Yes, I know – and you know too – there are Oracle 11g databases out there in production. And blindly I’d say: Too many. Of course, we are the “upgrade guys” trying to convince you to move to Oracle Database 19c. And I bet, for each of your 11g databases there’s a valid and legit reason why they haven’t upgraded yet. But there is one often neglected technical reason Why you can’t stay on Oracle Database 11g forever. So let me explain this below.


Oracle Database 11g?

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AutoUpgrade 2.0 has been released – and got reuploaded

Many of you have used AutoUpgrade for your database upgrades already. Just a few days ago I received some almost enthusiastic comments which made me very very happy. And if you thought it can’t get any better, no worries: AutoUpgrade 2.0 has been released – and got reuploaded.

Why AutoUpgrade 2.0?

As you know, we don’t do marketing but just talk tech. But you may have also recognized that we slowed down in our agile release cycle for AutoUpgrade. The simple reason for this long period of silence was that we’ve had a …

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HrOUG – Croatia: “It is fixed in Oracle 23c??”


Huh? It is fixed in Oracle 23c?? Seriously? – Or how Database Development at Oracle works


Database & Infrastructure

Date and time

Thursday, 14. October 2021., 10:20


Hall E



Have you every heard from Oracle Support “It will be fixed in 21c or 23c”? And wondered if you should upgrade now, and how you should upgrade when the release is not there yet?In this talk we will give rare insights into how Oracle Database Development works.We will explain why it takes more than a few minutes to complete a regression test suite, why you don’t

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