Best Of 2010

Hi there,

in Australia, Japan, Singapore and many other countries it’s already 2011 – but in Germany and the US it’s still some time until midnight 🙂 To round up the year you’ll find a few off-topic pictures from 2010. You might click on the pictures to get a better resolution.

Enjoy …

2010_12_31_001.jpgMoscow – Red Square


2010_12_31_003.jpgTokyo Train – Cell Phone Mania


2010_12_31_004.jpgGreat Chinese Wall near Beijing


2010_12_31_005.jpgHong Kong by Night


2010_12_31_006.jpgYearing Station Winery, Yarra – Victoria, Australia


2010_12_31_008.jpgDublin, Ireland – during the ash cloud


2010_12_31_009.jpg– no comment –




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Thank you for your support throughout 2010!!!

Now as the calendar year 2010 is close to its end, it’s time for a quick wrap-up. The TV stations have shown all their flashbacks already in early December but we’ll wait until end of the year 😉

I will post some pictures done by Roy or me throughout our travel in the next days. We’ve visited a lot of countries – and did more than 60 full-day Upgrade Workshops in 28 different countries:.


But the most important thing: We’d like to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who’d attend to one of our upgrade workshops …

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