HOL 18c – Fallback Strategies

In the Fallback Strategies part of our Hands-On Lab you will explore different Fallback Strategies. For this exercise you will use the FTEX database, an Oracle database.

We divide the Fallback Strategies for database upgrades basically in two areas:

In each section you will be able to try two different fallback techniques.

Generally it is very important to take some considerations.


You’ll have to protect your environment for issues during, but also after the upgrade. And of course you’ll have to consider and maintain the Service Level Agreements about fallback requirements in seconds, minutes, hours or days. In addition it is very important to be aware that some of the fallback strategies won’t allow to change COMPATIBLE. This means, you will need extra downtime to change COMPATIBLE afterwards as it requires a restart of the database(s).

The minimum COMPATIBLE setting in Oracle Database 18c is “11.0.0“. Keep COMPATIBLE at 3 digits.

We won’t cover RMAN Online Backups as we assume that everybody is doing RMAN backups anyways. And we won’t cover Oracle GoldenGate as this would go beyond the lab possibilities. We may add this in a later stage.

Start with:

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