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Database Upgrade Hands-On Lab – Oracle 19c

From now on there’s only one Oracle Database Upgrade Hands-On Lab available for download. We exchanged the 18c with the new 19c lab. In case you have the older 18c lab, I leave the instructions up for a while. But the new one is the one you should use for various reasons.


Where do you start? Start with:

What’s in the lab?

In the Oracle 19c Lab, you will find 3 database homes patched with the April 2019 patch bundles:

  • with PSU April 2019
  • with RU April 2019
  • 19.3.0 including RU April 2019

Plus 5 databases. 3 non-CDBs and 2 CDBs.

  • UPGR – non-CDB database
  • FTEX – non-CDB database
  • DB12 – non-CDB database
  • CDB1 – CDB database
  • CDB2 – 19.3.0 CDB database

This is what you’ll find inside the hands-on lab virtual image.

What are the basic requirements?

Of course you will need Oracle VirtualBox 5.x (or newer) and the VirtualBox extensions to be installed. And yes, the lab is BIG. You will need 64GB of free space and at least 8GB of RAM. See the download link for more information and the links to the required software. And then start here with the setup part.

What’s not in the lab?

We didn’t include the instructions. You will find them here on the blog. Simple reason for this change: We can correct potential errors – and we can extend them at any time with more content.

You can either start on this Main overview page or directly with Setup. Links to the next page are always on the button of each page.

Any further questions, suggestions etc?

Then please use the comment function of this page or drop me a message via Email, Twitter or LinkedIn.



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