TDE – Transparent Database Encryption

AutoUpgrade with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

I knew, one fine day I will have to dig into TDE. Resistance is futile. There were so many questions regarding AutoUpgrade with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in the past weeks and months. And the team is still working hard on a solution to make the non-CDB to PDB plugin flawless and automated for such cases. But I won’t cover the latter in this post here. I will solely focus on the database upgrade itself.

AutoUpgrade with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

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This blog post may not be up to date anymore since we introduced lots of automation to it

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Database Upgrade and TDE – Things to Know

Transparent Data Encryption is an excellent and very useful Oracle database feature. In this blog post I will show and highlight Database Upgrade and TDE – Things to Know.

Enabling Tablespace Encryption with TDE

For a simple example I use our Hands-On Lab and the UPGR database (Oracle and the listener declarations in the 12.2 $ORACLE_HOME.

At first I add the following string to the sqlnet.ora file:

# sqlnet.ora
                             (METHOD_DATA = (DIRECTORY = /u01/app/oracle/admin/UPGR/wallet))

Note 2018, Feb 4:
My previous example had $ORACLE_BASE instead of /u01/app/oracle, the real path,

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Full Transportable Export/Import – Things to Know

This blog post is an addition to:

Seth Miller commented the pitfall of having a serious issue during the Data Pump run, Data Pump exiting and not finishing, and you’ll have to do the entire backup/restore/incremental-roll-foward thing again. Without any doubt, this is no fun at all.

So let me point out a few things to take into consideration – and some of them are not obvious I guess.

Do you need to backup/restore/incremental-roll-forward again?

When you let do Data Pump all the manual …

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TDE is wonderful – Journey to the Cloud V

What happened so far on my Journey to the Cloud?

DBaaS Oracle Cloud

Today’s journey:
Learn about TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) and other secrets

What I really really love about my job: …

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