TDE – Transparent Database Encryption

Database Upgrade and TDE – Things to Know

Transparent Data Encryption is an excellent and very useful Oracle database feature. In this blog post I will show and highlight Database Upgrade and TDE – Things to Know.

Enabling Tablespace Encryption with TDE

For a simple example I use our Hands-On Lab and the UPGR database (Oracle and the listener declarations in the 12.2 $ORACLE_HOME.

At first I add the following string to the sqlnet.ora file:

# sqlnet.ora
                             (METHOD_DATA = (DIRECTORY = /u01/app/oracle/admin/UPGR/wallet))

Note 2018, Feb 4:
My previous example had $ORACLE_BASE instead of /u01/app/oracle, the real path,

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Full Transportable Export/Import – Things to Know

This blog post is an addition to:

Seth Miller commented the pitfall of having a serious issue during the Data Pump run, Data Pump exiting and not finishing, and you’ll have to do the entire backup/restore/incremental-roll-foward thing again. Without any doubt, this is no fun at all.

So let me point out a few things to take into consideration – and some of them are not obvious I guess.

Do you need to backup/restore/incremental-roll-forward again?

When you let do Data Pump all the manual …

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TDE is wonderful – Journey to the Cloud V

What happened so far on my Journey to the Cloud?

DBaaS Oracle Cloud

Today’s journey:
Learn about TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) and other secrets

What I really really love about my job: …

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