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Voodoo with init parameters and Oracle Restart

Uwe Kirchhoff, one of the best techies I know in the entire Oracle CSS (formerly ACS) Support, mailed me before the Christmas holidays with a simple question. He discovered that altering init.ora parameters in a session does not necessarily write the parameter down into the spfile. Sounds a bit like Voodoo with init parameters,  and Oracle Restart has a role in this story as well. If you don’t have or do not plan to use Oracle Restart, then this is not interesting for you. But of course, you are free to still read it 🙂

Voodoo with init parameters and Oracle Restart

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Oracle RESTART: Make sure you’ve patched your Oracle homes

Oracle RESTART: Make sure you've patched your Oracle homesThis blog post title sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? Oracle RESTART: Make sure you’ve patched your Oracle homes. Why the heck should you patch your database homes upfront?

Oracle RESTART: Make sure you’ve patched your Oracle homes

Well, there’s an interesting issue happening. When you work with Oracle Grid Infrastructure, no matter if you operate a cluster or “just” use Oracle Restart, you’ll have to upgrade GI to Oracle 12.2 first before you can manage 12.2 databases with it. That’s not new. It’s a well understood rule.

Now guess you operate Oracle RESTART (SIHA …

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Oracle RESTART deprecation announcement got withdrawn

Oracle Restart Deprecation announcementgot withdrawnVery good news for all customers using Oracle RESTART:
The Oracle RESTART deprecation announcement got withdrawn.

I have blogged in the past several times about Oracle RESTART of course either regarding upgrade, downgrade and patching:

And one of the customers I work with for quite a while, Swiss Mobiliar Insurance uses Oracle RESTART for all their Oracle Database environments:

The question all customers I deal with who use Oracle RESTART: How long will Oracle support it? And will there be a successor …

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ORAchk with new checks + Restart support


Never used or heard about ORAchk? Then it’s time to give it a try! 

ORAchk has now be released. ORAchk has so many great features, especially more than 50 new health checks, OL7 Support – and is now aware of Oracle Restart environments.

New features include:

  • Linux on System Z (RHEL 6, RHEL 7, SuSE 12)
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 7
  • Single Instance ASM Checks
  • Upgrade Validation checks for
  • Enhanced Golden Gate Checks
  • Enterprise Manager Agent Checks
  • Enhanced Reporting to highlight checks that ORAchk cannot gain
    full visibility for
    (checks that require manual validation)
  • Improved health Score
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Downgrade Oracle Restart 12c – Grid Infrastructure only?

Oracle RestartCan you downgrade your Oracle Restart installation from Oracle 12c back to Oracle 11g?

Actually there’s no real direct downgrade supported for Oracle Restart. But of course there’s a way to do it.

Basically it is:

  • Deconfigure Oracle Restart in 12c
  • Configure Oracle Restart in 11g

But wait a minute. It is very important to know if you have upgraded your database already. If that is the case then first you MUST downgrade your database(s) as you can’t manage a higher version Oracle Database with a lower version Clusterware.

So first of all, please downgrade your Oracle database(s) first:…

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Oracle Fail Safe 4.1.1 released – supports Multitenant

Oracle Fail SafeOracle Fail Safe 4.1.1 is now released. It will be included in future Oracle Database 12c media packs.  Customers can download the kit and documentation from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) now by starting at the main Fail Safe page.

The main changes in this release are:

  • Basic multi-tenant (container database, or CDB) support

This release of Oracle Fail Safe adds support for the container database feature that was introduced in Oracle Database 12c. Fail Safe will recognize that a database is a root container and will start and stop individual pluggable databases owned by the container database. When

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Upgrading ORACLE RESTART from 11.2 to 12.1

First of all, Oracle Restart is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c. Deprecation means the product is still supported, you can open SRs, you’ll get bug fixes – but we won’t do further development of the product or feature.

But a customer (Thanks to Jaco de Graaf for bringing this to my attention!) had a question via the blog about the best approach to upgrade his Oracle Restart configuration …

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