Oracle ORAchk and EXAchk Version 18.3.0 are released

If you are a regular user of ORAchk and/or EXAchk, you should download the most recent and newest version as Oracle ORAchk and EXAchk Version 18.3.0 are released now.

Oracle ORAchk and EXAchk Version 18.3.0 are released

Oracle ORAchk and EXAchk Version 18.3.0 are released

The new features you’ll find in ORAchk 18.3.0 and EXAchk 18.3.0 include:

bullet Beta Support for Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
In EXAchk Health Check Catalog under the Engineered systems of Private Cloud Appliance and Private Cloud Appliance Plane.
bullet Automatic start from TFA install
Oracle Trace File Analyzer root installations on Linux or Solaris on non-engineered systems will automatically setup and run the ORAchk
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ORAchk – How to log SRs and ERs for ORAchk

ORAchkI have recently recommended to use ORAchk in its new version – and I can just emphasize on this.


During a conf call with a lead customer from the UK Roy and I learned about the uncertainness on how to log a Service Request (SR) or enhancement Request (ER) against ORAchk in case something is not working correctly or missing.

Especially as the documentation of ORAchk states:

Appendix B – How to Obtain Support

If problems are encountered either at runtime or if there are questions about the content of the findings of the tool, please post your

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ORAchk released – a MUST USE Tool

ORAchk I have blogged a while back in March 2015 about ORAchk  as it had added the support for Oracle Restart amongst other great features.

ORAchk (short for: ORA check) is such a great tool to check your environment before any upgrade, but also on a regular basis for almost everything. I’d call it a MUST USE Tool not only for Oracle Grid Infrastructure or Oracle Restart upgrades or patches or changes. But also for EM Cloud Control 12c, EBS, Siebel, and of course your hardware.

The newest version of ORAchk has been released.

The new ORAchk release

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ORAchk with new checks + Restart support


Never used or heard about ORAchk? Then it’s time to give it a try! 

ORAchk has now be released. ORAchk has so many great features, especially more than 50 new health checks, OL7 Support – and is now aware of Oracle Restart environments.

New features include:

  • Linux on System Z (RHEL 6, RHEL 7, SuSE 12)
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 7
  • Single Instance ASM Checks
  • Upgrade Validation checks for
  • Enhanced Golden Gate Checks
  • Enterprise Manager Agent Checks
  • Enhanced Reporting to highlight checks that ORAchk cannot gain
    full visibility for
    (checks that require manual validation)
  • Improved health Score
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