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Oracle Database certified on Oracle Linux 8 and RHEL8

The other day I received a question on Twitter regarding my experience with Oracle on Linux 8. I first thought this may be an error. Why should Oracle been certified on Linux 8. And I didn’t see anything internally about Oracle Database certified on Oracle Linux 8 and RHEL8.

Oracle Database certified on Oracle Linux 8 and RHEL8

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But it is true …

Thanks to Marian Bednar (Thanks a lot!!) who couldn’t find any information on my blog, now I know. Marian pointed me to the Release Notes Oracle Database They’ve got updated in July 2020 already …

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Of course, Oracle Clusterware is certified on OL8/RHEL8 as well

To be very honest, when I posted a few days ago, Oracle Database 19c is certified on OL8/RHEL8 I didn’t check for the Oracle Clusterware (OCW) certification. I blindly assumed that this is the case. But from comments and discussions on twitter, I realized it may be necessary to point this out explicitly to avoid confusion. Even though my fellow mate, RAC Product Manager Anil Nair has pointed it out already many times: Of course, Oracle Clusterware is certified on OL8/RHEL8 as well.

Of course, Oracle Clusterware is certified on OL8/RHEL8 as well

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Find it on MOS

Your source for certification information …

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Oracle Database 19c is certified on OL8 and RHEL8

Oh … I’d say this was the question I’ve got asked the second most often in the past months (after a potential extension for Oracle support): When will Oracle certify OL8 and RHEL8? And I read this question internally even more often. Now thanks to my team mate Daniel Overby Hansen who spotted it on Twitter on the weekend, we can tell you that … finally … drum roll … Oracle Database 19c is certified on OL8 and RHEL8.

Oracle Database 19c is certified on OL8 and RHEL8

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How do you get the information?

Go to MyOracle Support and hit …

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Disable Transparent Hugepages on SLES11, RHEL6, RHEL7, OL6, OL7 and UEK2 Kernels

This blog post is not related to database upgrades and migrations. But still I think it is very useful for many customers operating on modern Linux systems.


Support just published an ALERT strongly recommending to disable Transparent Hugepages on Linux systems. And the below information does not apply to RAC systems only but also to single instance environments.

Which Linux Distrubutions/Kernels are affected? 

  • SLES11
  • RHEL6 and RHEL7
  • OL6 and OL7
  • UEK2 Kernels

What are the Issues? 

I’m quoting MOS Note: 1557478.1 (ALERT: Disable Transparent HugePages on SLES11, RHEL6, RHEL7, OL6, OL7 and UEK2 Kernels):

Because Transparent HugePages are

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SuSE SLES 12 certified with Oracle Database

Puh … I’ve got many mails over several months asking about the current status of certification of SuSE SLES12 for Oracle Database It took a while – and I believe it was not in our hands. But anyhow … finally …

See Release Notes for additional package requirements
Minimum kernel version: 3.12.49-11-default

Additional Notes

  • Edit CV_ASSUME_DISTID=SUSE11 parameter in database/stage/cvu/cv/admin/cvu_config & grid/stage/cvu/cv/admin/cvu_config
  • Apply Patch 20737462 to address CVU issues relating to lack of reference data
  • Install libcap1 (libcap2 libraries are installed by default); i.e. libcap1-1.10-59.61.x86_64
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Oracle Database certification on Microsoft Windows 10

The MOS Note: 1307195.1  about

Certification Information for Oracle Database on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)

got updated right before the 2015 Christmas holidays with the official certification information for Oracle Database 12c on Microsoft Windows 10.

And it says:

Windows 10 O/S Information:
RAC is not certified.
The earliest release certified on Windows 10 is


Previous related blog posts from Aug 14, 2015:

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MS Windows Bundle Patches – a VERY different story

I like Upgrade Workshops for a very different reason:
Hopefully people feed back with questions and information I wasn’t aware off before. So for myself these workshops are also a learning experience. And thanks to a customer in Singapore (Thanks a lot, Hanh!!) I learned something about Oracle’s Bundle Patches for MS Windows.

Customer asked about a specific issue when using RMAN Duplicate command in 12c failing with a nice ORA-600 [KSRPCSEXEC_1]. This got logged a while ago as bug16883554 – and it will be fixed in database patch set But this customer asked …

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OEL6 and RHEL6 certification

Well, it took some time until Oracle Database got finally certified on Oracle Unbreakable Linux 6 (OEL6) and RHEL6 (see the official announcement here). One really interesting change is that effective immediately, Oracle will provide its Red Hat compatible Linux binaries, updates and errata for free http://public-yum.oracle.com

Finally MOS now has been updated as well (please go to the CERTIFICATION tab):

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